Why Paidia Gaming built a Discord app to run tournaments

Why Paidia Gaming built a Discord app to run tournaments

Competitive gaming is extremely common, yet organising it isn’t easy. You have to find a tournament platform, create an account, build a tournament page, promote it, get your players to create an account to run your bracket, and then use your Discord for communications.

After hosting thousands of tournaments, we understood why it is so popular: people want to compete, have fun, connect, and win prizes. Simple. But we also wondered, why all the steps? Why so many platforms? Why aren’t we doing this all on Discord, where organisations, TOs, creators, and gamers already are?

Why taking a chance and restarting is a good thing

Paidia is in the business of disrupting; we don’t like the status quo. So, our women-led team decided to build a tournament organisation tool that was better than anything else, including our own. In January, we went all in and shut down our current platform to dedicate every day to building a product for Discord that made competing and hosting tournaments easy. Working with our network of TOs, our internal team, and mentors, we believe we have done just that. Introducing Paidia Bot, your tournament assistant.


Paidia Bot - saving time for tournament organisers and players / we still can’t believe our vision has come to life!

With one Discord command (/create-tournament) Paidia Bot has set-up a section and channels dedicated to your tournament. TO’s can input details directly in Discord to display on your tournament page. When it’s time to collect registrations, players are directed right to your Discord to register. That means no second step for registering on a tournament platform and also making sure they join your Discord.

Our team’s favourite feature (as of yet) is when it’s time to start your matches Paidia Bot automatically creates private threads for players to communicate and enter their scores which automatically updates your bracket.

We know community leaders dedicate hours into putting on tournaments. Paidia Bot is aimed to simplify managing them so they can spend more time focusing on what matters most, fostering their community. <3



Our product is built on feedback and collaboration and we could not have done it /continue to do it without or supportive community

Everything we do, we do it with our growing network of gamers in mind. We take feedback to heart and find ways to incorporate it into our product roadmap. Everytime we hear a suggestion, an idea or receive feedback, we note it and brainstorm how we can address it. We don’t want to speak on behalf of our TO’s but if you check out our Discord you can see that our product improvements come from their collaboration.

We also wanted to give a special shout out to everyone who trialled Paidia Bot and spent time giving us meaningful feedback.


Check out StacyFTW tournament on Paidia Gaming


Building something specific for you…orgs, events, clubs, brands.

Our vision for this product is to make it as customizable so it can fit the needs for all types of tournaments. Want Paidia Bot branded for you? Need to collect specific information for your tournaments and want Paidia Bot to do it? No problem. We have a growing list of a white label offering that is ready for you.

Our team would love to connect to learn more about your tournament needs and get you set-up with your very own version of Paidia Bot.


So what’s next?

Our team is not done developing yet. We have much more we want to introduce for Paidia Bot to make it even more helpful to gamers. If you’re interested in learning more you should check out our Discord in our Paidia Bot section where we have frequent updates on what’s coming up.

Thanks for reading and supporting Paidia Gaming.

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