Supporting gaming communities with a tournament tool that automates timely tasks for organizers and players right in your Discord

Currently in Beta

Top features

/create-tournament command that automatically creates:

  • A tournament channel section
  • Player and mod roles
  • Admin channel to manage your tournament
  • Custom tournament page on

Players register right on Discord

Automatically generates private threads for match score reporting and bracket updating

Paidia Bot


Paidia tournament management on Discord

  • Optimal for tournaments with less than 150 players
  • Single Elimination, Double Elimination, Battle Royale Bracket
  • Automated matchroom threads for score reporting
  • Admin channel to modify your tournament web page and set-up your bracket

Paidia Bot


Customize Paidia Bot for your Discord Server

  • Custom branded bot
  • Custom branded tournament web pages
  • Bracket display in your Discord server
  • Embed your bracket on your own website
  • Premium product support