Paidia Bot

Paidia Tournament Bot Top Features

/create-tournament command that automatically creates:

  • a tournament channel section
  • specific player and mod roles
  • admin channel to manage your tournament
  • a custom tournament page on

Player registration occurs directly on your Discord automatically adding them to the tournament player role, player specific channels and participant roster on your tournament page.

Player and mods report scores in automatically created private matchroom threads right in your Discord that update your bracket page in real-time!

Bracket Types:
  • Single Elimination
  • Double Elimination
  • Battle Royale: with kill points and the option for an additional custom points fields for tournaments that think outside the box. (ex. a Minecraft Creative Build Tournament)
  • Round Robin: Coming Soon (Summer 2024)
  • Group Stages: Coming Soon (Summer 2024)

Paidia Bot User Guide

Setting up Paidia Tournament Bot in Your Discord Server

First you need to download Paidia Bot. (Currently in Early Access Only)

Once the bot is downloaded you can start running tournaments instantly and give users in your server the Tournament Organizer role so they can also create tournaments.

💡To create a tournament in your Discord server you must be the server owner or add users to the Tournament Organizer role the bot created.

Discord Roles

Admin Roles Tournament Specific Roles
👑 Server Owner ⚔️ @Tournament Organizer ⚔️ @[Tournament].TO 🛡️ @[Tournament].mod 🎮 @[Tournament].player 📺 @[Tournament].spectator
Granted to the user who initiated the /create-tournament command Must be manually assigned through role settings Assigned once a player registers

Note: manually adding a user to this role won't register them for the tournament
Assigned to users who request to spectate a tournament
Create a Tournament - -
Tournament Admin Permissions All tournaments By default only tournaments the user with the role creates Tip: you can more admins to specific tournaments in the server by granting them the @[Tournament].TO role Specific tournament admin permissions
Tournament Section
Here are by default the permissions assigned per role. Note you can change these permissions how you normally would in your Discord settings
#admin View, Modify View, Modify
#bracket Message Message Message View Only View Only
#chat Message Message Message Message Message
#scoring Message in Channel View/Message in all Private Threads Message in Channel View/Message in all Private Threads View Channel Message in assigned matchroom threads View Main Channel Only

Creating and Publishing a Tournament

  1. Use the /create-tournament command and enter a label for your tournament. This will be used to name the specific roles and section for your tournament.
  2. Go to the #admin channel of your newly created tournament section to enter details about your tournament. Check out the Change Log thread to see your details being updated.
  3. You can view your unlisted tournament page link under the Publish Your Tournament Page message or at the top of the admin channel under the Tournament Details.
  4. Use the Announce button to post the registration portal on your selected channel and to make your tournament page public. You can enter your own personal message that will be added to your registration portal.

💡 Tip: We suggest making a channel that only is used for your tournament announcements so it’s easy for players to see your upcoming tournaments

🤖 Commands used for creating a tournament:

/create-tournament - creates a tournament section and page on (unlisted until you publish!)

/move-announcement - move the tournament announcement to a different channel

/start-date - set the start time of your tournament (this is a presentation field and will not automatically start your tournament)

/end-date - set the end time of your tournament (this is a presentation field and will not automatically end your tournament)

/upload-banner - use this to upload a thumbnail for your banner

/registration-status - by default when you announce your tournament registration will open. Use this command if you want to announce your tournament but not allow players to register

Registration and Player/Spectator Management

To join your tournament a player must be a member of your Discord and have access to the registration portal

How to add a player cap (admin)

In the #admin channel under step 1 there is a player cap button that allows you to set the maximum amount of players that can join your tournament. Once this number is met your registration will close automatically

💡 To reopen your registration you will need to increase the player cap and use the /registration-status command to reopen registration

How to register:
  1. Find the registration portal for the tournament you want to register for and click the register button.
  2. Enter the username associated with the game.
How to unregister:
  1. If you no longer want to be registered for a tournament you can go back to the registration portal and click the leave button.

💡The registration portal is where you registered in the first place. Its located in a channel decided by the TO. If you are unable to find it, contact the TO

How to remove a player (admin):
  1. By using the /kick command you will be given a list of all players.
  2. You can choose if they are allowed to register again or if they are banned from registering.
How to close registration (admin):

/registration-status allows you to open and close your registration as often as you want until you have started your tournament.

❓What if my tournament is invite only?

The current way to manage an invite only tournament is to announce your tournament in a private channel that only the invited players have access to view.

💡 TO Tip: if you want to add spectators you can move the announcement to a public channel and close registration so only the spectator button will be enabled.


By default tournaments have a spectator role allowing users of your Discord to view tournament specific channels.(with less permissions of course)

If you want to disable this feature the current workaround is to edit the roles permissions to have no access. We plan to have a disable button or command in the future.

🤖 Commands commonly used for registration management

/registration-status - open or close registration

/kick - remove a player from your tournament (option to allow them to register again)

/move-announcement - move where your registration announcement to a different channel (this will remove where it currently is)

Seeding Players

Before your tournament starts you can add seeds to your players for a more competitive bracket! For those new to seeding, this allows you to disperse top players to ensure they don’t play each other until later rounds. This will ensure an equal playing field.

How to seed your bracket:
  1. Go to the #admin channel and under Step 2 you will find a thread for setting up the seed

Here you will find the instructions and your 🏆 Official Seed List 🏆 that will update every time you make changes

You have 2 options for how to provide seeds for players:

Option 1 is quick and efficient if you have a smaller roster:

  • Copy the Official Seed List using the copy icon to the right of the list
  • Paste the list as a message and add seed values to some or all players
  • Make sure you do not modify player names or remove formatting before sending back in the thread
  • Review your updated Official Seed List at the top of the thread

Option 2 is optimal for larger tournaments for a clearer view of your roster:

  • Use the Generate Seed List CSV file button for the bot to send your latest roster list
  • Enter seeds in some or all players (column C)
  • Save the file (make sure its still in CSV format!)
  • Upload the file in a message in this thread to send it back to the Paidia Bot
  • Review your updated Official Seed List above to track your changes
💡Helpful things to know:
  • You can seed throughout the registration process, new players will be added to the bottom of your Official Seed List
  • You can use the Randomize Seed button to shuffle players that don’t have a seed
  • You can use both seeding options

Setting Up Your Bracket

Each bracket has its own settings and options from you to choose from. In the #admin channel under Step 3 you will see details on your current bracket settings and buttons you can use to make changes.

💡You can make changes to these settings up until you publish your bracket page, we know formats can change depending on player count so we think it’s important that your format isn't defined until you say it is

Releasing Your Bracket, Check-In Feature, and Starting the Tournament

Before you start your tournament make sure you have reviewed your Official Seed List (Step 2 in #admin channel) and confirmed your bracket format (Step 3 in #admin channel)

Publishing your bracket to your tournament web page

Using the Publish Bracket Page button will release your bracket to your tournament page featuring the seeded players.

💡This will not start your tournament or notify players

💡If you use the Start Tournament button first by default your bracket page will publish

Using the Check-In Feature

If you want to see which players are ready for your tournament you can use the Start Check-In button. This will notify players by mentioning them in a message that features a check-in button in the #participants channel.

  • To start check-in use the respected button located in the #admin channel under Step 4
  • Paidia Tournament Assistant will send you a message with buttons to start, stop or cancel. Press the Start Button.
  • Players can now use the check-in button in the #participants channel
  • Once a player initiates the check-in button a ✅ check mark will appear beside their name in the participant list
  • When check-in is done you can return to the #admin channel and press Stop

💡 Stopping check-in will not automatically kick any players who are a no show. You can remove those players by referencing the Participants list (in #participants channel) and use the /kick command to select all players you want to remove

Starting the tournament

Under the #admin channel - Step 4 you can use the Start Tournament button to officially start your tournament. This button will:

  • Create private threads for the starting matches (or private threads for each group in a Battle Royale tournament)
  • Notify players that the matches are ready to be played

Check out below for details on how matchroom threads work

Resetting your bracket

If you want to make changes to your seed list or add more players to the tournament you can reset your bracket.

What this will do:

  • Unpublish your bracket from your tournament page
  • Delete all matchroom threads (if your tournament has started)

What it won’t do:

  • Remove the seeds you gave your players

💡 You can also reset the matches within your bracket. Learn more in the section below

Score Reporting - Matchroom Private Threads:
Head to head style brackets (Single Elim, Double Elim, Round Robin, Groups)

Once your tournament starts all ready to play matches will have private threads created with the players of that match, mods and tournament organizer in the #scoring channel.

Yup that's right! No more manually creating threads to communicate with players.

💡 Ready to play matches are any matches that are ready to play. For example a private matchroom thread will not be created for later rounds in your bracket until players have advanced

What’s in Matchroom threads:
  • Player names and game usernames
  • Match format

Buttons in Matchroom threads:

Report Score: players, mods or the TO can report the score

Reset Match: mods or TO can use this button to reset the score. Note: this will reset any matches that are impacted by this invalid score

Bracket: this is an easy way to see the bracket of the tournament

How scores are reported:

In the matchroom thread players can use the report score button to enter the final score ( 1 point for every game won)

If one player enters the score, the opponent has 3 minutes to dispute the score

If both players enter the same score, the bracket automatically advances

If a mod/TO enters the score, the bracket automatically advances

if both players enter different scores, the mod is notified and must validate the score

👾 Score validation:

If you selected a match format (ex. BO3) score can only be entered that meet the match format requirements (ex. 2-0)

💡 Everyone in the thread has permissions to message. This is a great place for players and mods to relay information to eachother like map picks, stream matches and player disputes

Battle Royale Bracket

Once your tournament starts private thread(s) will be created for each group. Depending on the game, you may require players to provide their standings after each game. This is where you recommend doing this.

How to report scores:

Submitting scores for the bracket is done on your Paidia Tournament web page. Once your tournament starts a unique URL will be generated for score reporting page.

Request Early Access to Paidia bot

Head to the Paidia Bot About page to sign up for early access. Provide an email and we will send you a download link.

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