The Lowdown on Women Overwatch Characters

The Lowdown on Women Overwatch Characters

Originally posted on September 27, 2021

Video games like Overwatch used to be full of men heroes and marketed heavily to men. However, more and more women protagonists are appearing across the industry, and gaming is now popular with girls and women too. To date, there are 15 women heroes in the Overwatch cast and plenty of other women characters too.


Tracer from Overwatch

One of Overwatch’s earliest heroes, Tracer, was announced with the game’s prerelease efforts and made available to play as on launch. Tracer was revealed to be the game’s first lesbian character, starring in a popular Overwatch comic with her girlfriend, Emily. As a teleporting speed demon, Tracer is known for her quick moves and snappy shots, but she’s also a fun, quirky personality, with plenty of zippy comments to make.


D.VA from Overwatch

D.Va is the video game world’s girl gaming icon. As a former esports pro, D.Va was headhunted by the Overwatch crew for her ability to pilot a mech. She’s a cutesy hero but she packs one heck of a punch, and she can handle herself in a fight. D.Va is a high-tech, ultra-modern mech pilot with a difference - you don’t get D.Va without the pink.


Ana from Overwatch

In recent days, gamers everywhere have been crying out for more older women protagonists. Overwatch’s Ana is an excellent step in the right direction, taking charge as the roster’s Egyptian Support sniper. She’s got years of experience in the field and is every bit the combat sniper she looks. Ana is a spiritual personality and much more than she seems.


Ashe from Overwatch

A newer addition to the Overwatch cast, Ashe is part super cool cowgirl and part gangster. With her trusty Omnic butler B.O.B, Ashe is a fierce fighter and always looks the part, too. If you’re looking for a bit of old-fashioned weaponry amid Overwatch’s techie, futuristic setting, then Ashe and B.O.B are your best bet.


Brigitte from Overwatch

Whereas Brigitte is a squire, she can more than hold her own in a fight. She doesn’t need to be a fully-fledged knight to keep the bad guys in check, and she can help your wounded comrades. Nevertheless, Brigitte still loves curling up with a mug of tea and her cat on a cold night.


Mei from Overwatch

Mei might look super cute, but she’s fast, deadly, and very very smart. With her scientific background and her experience in cryostorage, Mei is handy with her guns and even handier with her self-healing Cryo-Freeze shield. You can also make like it’s Fortnite, and put up a wall between you and your enemies or even use it to protect a teammate. Her Levitating Snowball companion is the cutest thing since sliced bread but it can be fatal, just like Mei. The adage ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ is undoubtedly true in this case.


Mercy from Overwatch

Also known as Angela, the angelic Support hero from Switzerland is a real power-player as a healer. Mercy is far from your average soft-hearted nurse, though, with her double-beamed Caduceus Staff and handy Resurrection abilities. As a doctor, Angela has experimented in the fields of Nanobiology and Surgery, so if you’re looking for a super-smart woman, check Mercy out.


Orisa from Overwatch

Originating in Numbani, Orisa was designed from the parts of a defense robot and put together by a young girl. True to her defensive origins, Orisa values shielding and protecting her allies and civilians alike. As a Tank, Orisa can take a beating, but she also gives back with her Supercharger. The Supercharger is designed to increase the damage your allies do, so having Orisa on your team is beneficial.


Echo from Overwatch

Just like Mercy, Echo is from the snowy peaks of Switzerland, but whereas Mercy is human, Echo is a multifunctional Omnic. Echo, with her beautiful white design, is a smooth yet deadly fighter. If you’re the intellectual type, Echo is definitely going to resonate with you as a responsive, learning AI with high intelligence.


Moira from Overwatch

Beloved by the queer community, Moira is an edgier character to play with a passion for body modification and a biotic hand. Like Mercy, Moira is a scientist, but instead of pursuing medical interests, she chose to explore the field of custom genetics. Moira is a Support character, healing her teammates with one hand and drawing health out of her enemies with the other.


Pharah from Overwatch

If you love playing with explosives and fancy a character with some flight abilities, try Pharah, the Egyptian security chief. The beautiful, but heavily armored hero uses bombs and rocket launchers to take out her enemies, and darts into the sky to avoid taking hits.


Sombra from Overwatch

The punky hero from Mexico deals double damage to your enemies by hacking medpacks as well as shooting them. Sombra is known for her colorful neon cosmetics and skill to hack enemies’ abilities to render them useless. She’s also a whizz at teleporting, and her EMP provides a handy way to take out enemy shields.


Symmetra from Overwatch

Overwatch’s Indian hero, Symmetra, is an Architect by day and a reality-bending hero by night. Symmetra, with her calculating mind and Photon Projector, is more than a match for your enemies. You can also set up teleportation portals for your teammates to use. It’s a handy way to get your friends back in action when they get killed and have to run back to you from the respawn room.


Widowmaker from Overwatch

Everyone’s favorite French assassin, Widowmaker, is a grapplehook-wielding sniper, with deadly aim and murderous tendencies. She even calls her rifle Widow’s Kiss, a throwback to the death of her husband, Gerard, the murder that earned her the title.


Zarya from Overwatch

The gigantic loveable figure of Zarya is always reassuring when she’s on your team, but problematic when she’s on the opposing team. The pink-haired Russian and her particle-based weapons are a blast.

With so many awesome women to choose from, there’s bound to be one that fits your playstyle perfectly.

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Melanie Jayne Ashford