7 Ways to Save Up Primogems in Genshin Impact

7 Ways to Save Up Primogems in Genshin Impact

Originally posted January 6th, 2023

Earning and saving Primogems in Genshin Impact can be quite a daunting task when you start, but it’ll all be worth it when you pull the character you’re wanting! Whether you’re saving for reruns or upcoming new characters like Itto and Yae, our tips should help you maximize your Primogem fund. 

#7: Get Achievements

List of Achievements in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact’s Achievement system is quite generous: each Achievement you earn will give you between 5 and 20 Primogems. While this doesn’t seem like a lot, it all adds up quite quickly and can amount to a few wishes after a while. We recommend going through your Achievements menu and seeing if there’s anything easy you can complete in there. Some are incredibly easy to complete, such as ‘Master 10 Recipes’. Completing a whole set of Achievements gives you their respective name card, allowing you to jazz up your profile!

#6: Utilize the Serenitea Pot

Serenitea Pot

The Serenitea Pot is the player housing system in Genshin Impact and is obtained from the quest A Teapot To Call Home: Part 1. The Serenitea Pot has a level system called Trust Rank, which can be increased by crafting furnishings to place in the Serenitea Pot. Every Trust Rank level up gives 60 Primogems.

The Serenitea Pot allows you to decorate your own island and house with furniture. There are blueprints for sets of furniture, some of which certain playable characters are very fond of. If you interact with that character after placing them in your teapot near one of these furniture sets, you’ll be able to get 20 Primogems per character! The Serenitea Pot also allows you to claim Companionship EXP for the characters you have placed in there over time.

#5: Complete Quests

Genshin Impact has a great variety of quests sprinkled around the world of Teyvat. They give pretty good rewards and are an efficient use of your time. This includes the main story, officially called Archon Quests - these rewards a decent amount of Primogems for completing a chapter, usually 30 to 120. Thank the traveler and their lost sibling for funding your next pull! 

The smaller World Quests also can give Primogems, ranging from just a few up to even 60 Primogems. Some of these World Quests are in multiple parts, including two in Inazuma. ‘Tatara Tales’ is a 7-day World Quest rewarding Primogems every day as you help clear the Balethunder from Mikage Furnace, and rewards 220 Primogems total across all 7 days. Similarly, ‘Neko Is A Cat’ is a 9-day World Quest, rewarding 190 Primogems total across all parts while you help Neko the cat repair Asase Shrine. 

A Chest from Genishin Impact

#4: Open Chests

Another great way to earn some Primogems is to adventure around Teyvat opening chests! You may have missed a great amount of them on your journey through the storyline, and they truly add up. Different types of chests give different amounts of Primogems - Common Chests can give up to 2, Exquisite Chests give 2-5, Precious Chests contain 5-10 and Luxurious Chests hold a bounty of 10-40 Primogems. Besides Primogems, chests can give great rewards such as Character EXP Materials and Weapon Enhancement Materials, as well as Talent Level-Up Materials. 1, 2, and 3-star Artifacts and Weapons can also drop from chests, which can be useful for leveling up your Artifacts and Weapons respectively. 

You can earn the blueprints to forge Treasure Compasses for individual regions by reaching Reputation Level 6 in Mondstadt and Liyue, and Reputation Level 9 in Inazuma. This allows you to craft a gadget that will point you to the nearest chest. 

Opening chests also gives you Sigils for the area you’re in. Anemo and Geo Sigils found in Mondstadt and Liyue respectively can be exchanged at their city’s Souvenir Shop for a variety of great items, such as Mora, Weapon Billets, and Character Ascension Materials. 

In Inazuma, however, Electro Sigils can be offered to the Sacred Sakura at Grand Narukami Shrine. Every 25 Electro Sigils offered increases the level of the tree by 1, giving bountiful rewards and also sometimes levelling up your Electrograna. The tree’s rewards consist of Fragile Resin, Acquaint Fates, Intertwined Fates, Talent Level-Up Materials, Shrine of Depths keys, Weapon Billets, and Crowns of Insight. These fantastic rewards make collecting Electro Sigils extremely worthwhile! 

#3: Beat the Spiral Abyss

The Spiral Abyss is a combat challenge in Genshin Impact with some absolutely incredible rewards. The main ‘corridor’ of the Spiral Abyss contains 8 floors, each containing 3 chambers. The player must complete all 3 chambers of a floor consecutively without access to external healing or food and will receive stars depending on their performance. Each chamber has 3 stars, for a total of 9 per floor. Per every 3 stars, players will be able to claim 100 Primogems and 15,000 to 25,000 Mora. If you manage to get all 9 stars on every floor, you’re looking at a hefty 2,400 Primogems! Completing Chamber 3-3 of the Spiral Abyss also allows players to unlock Xiangling for free. 

After completing the corridor, you’ll have access to the Abyssal Moon Spire, aka floors 9 through 12. These floors are far more challenging than the corridor and will require carefully thought out team compositions as well as strong Weapons, Artifacts, and Talents. These floors will reset and change every two weeks, including their Primogem rewards! They reward 50 Primogems per 3 stars, for a total of 600 Primogems every two weeks if you’re brave enough to face the challenge!

Events banner from Genshin Impact

#2: Participate in Events

Genshin Impact frequently has events, with very little downtime. The exact activities in these events vary, from the Roguelike-esque Labyrinth Warriors to Tuned to the World’s Sounds, which allows you to play a rhythm game and perform songs with various characters. 

These events allow you to claim Primogems, either through completing missions within the event (like scoring a certain amount of points) or through earning tokens and spending them in the Event Shop. The total amount you can claim from these events depends on the scale of the event, but smaller events usually total around 420 Primogems, while bigger events sometimes give upwards of 1,000 Primogems total. 

You can also earn useful items like Mora, Character Ascension Materials, Talent Level-Up Materials, and even Crowns of Insight through events. This, combined with their hefty Primogem rewards, makes them worth doing, especially since they’re usually pretty fun! 

Commissions Log Book

#1: Complete Daily Commissions

Every day in Genshin Impact, you will receive 4 short, easy Quests called Daily Commissions. These range from defeating a group of Hilichurls to helping deliver some food from the restaurant in Mondstadt. 

Completing each of these 4 quests will give you 10 Primogems and up to 250 Adventure EXP each, as well as an assortment of other small rewards including Companionship EXP. Turning in these Commissions to the Adventurer’s Guild will net you an extra 20 Primogems, 500 Adventure EXP, and a Character Ascension Material of a random element. 

Commissions are super easy to complete, and 60 Primogems daily makes a huge difference - 30 days of Commissions add up to 1,800 primogems, just over 11 pulls. Add this up with all the other Primogem saving techniques listed in this article, and you’ll be rich in no time! 

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