Top 10 Water Pokemon

Top 10 Water Pokemon

Originally posted on January 5, 2022

One of my favorite things to do is swim or hang out by the water. I’m even obsessed with the water in video games, and Pokemon is no exception. Here are our top ten Water Pokemon.

1. Squirtle

Squirtle from Pokemon

As a Generation I Pokemon, Squirtle is one of the oldest Pokemon going. Squirtle is the star of Pokemon Blue, and as a young player of Pokemon Red, I was quite upset at not being able to choose Squirtle as my starter Pokemon. However, you can catch and train Squirtles in most other Pokemon Generations, including the current one.

Squirtle evolves into Wartortle and then Blastoise, and its whole lineage is pure Water-type. It’s super effective against Ground, Rock, and Fire, so taking on Gym Leaders like Brock with a few Water Pokemon like Squirtle on hand is an excellent idea. 

2. Vaporeon

Vaporeon from Pokemon

Strong against Fire, but not so great against Grass or Electric Pokemon, the elegant-looking Vaporeon is a beautiful addition to your Pokedex. You’ll have to catch and evolve an Eevee with a Water stone or trade for one with a friend. Eevee can be evolved into any type, but it has different evolutions for every type, such as Leafeon for Grass or Espeon for Psychic.

Vaporeon is said to be able to predict the rains preceding a downpour with its vibrating fins. In Pokemon Sun or Moon, you’ll come up against a Vaporeon when you run into Polly the Swimmer in the Trainers School.

3. Popplio

Popplio from Pokemon

One of the starter Pokemon on Pokemon Moon, Popplio is an adorable yet deadly little companion. He looks cute and cuddly, but Popplio can still pack a punch with his lethal evolution into Brionne and then Primarina. Primarina has a lethal siren-like singing voice and trades half her Water typing for Fairy. The deadly combination of mystical Fairy moves and butt-kicking Water moves will leave your enemies in the dirt.

4. Lapras

Big enough to travel the seas on, Lapras is part gentle giant part battle companion. It’s inspired by real-life plesiosaurs and is frequently seen in the animes. It can break icebergs that block your path and makes a handy companion if you need to get across a body of water quickly.

5. Gyarados

Gyarados from Pokemon

Evolving from the useless Magikarp, Gyarados is proof that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Gyarados is a fearsome Pokemon to have around and is a great fit for any battle team, whether Water-type orientated or not. 

Misty, the Generation I Gym Leader, is known for her ferocious Water Pokemon, and the star of her team is Misty’s Gyarados. With his serpentine looks and that gaping maw, Gyarados is just as likely to scare your enemies off as fight them off. He can also be used for water travel, like Lapras, and at certain points of some games, you can even borrow Misty’s Gyarados to get across the sea.

6. Ludicolo

Ludicolo from Pokemon

Despite being only part Water, Ludicolo is the perfect addition to any Water-based team. You can tell she belongs to the sea with her tropical beach aesthetic and her lilypad hands. Ludicolo is a big part of Detective Pikachu, with her position as a waitress in a coffee shop, but she’s been around since Generation III.

Ludicolo is a mixture of Grass and Water-type Pokemon, so she’s great against Ground, Steel, and Water but weak against Flying, Poison, and Bug. She first appeared in Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen.

7. Slowking

Slowking from Pokemon

It might look like the world’s daftest looking Pokemon, but Slowking makes a formidable opponent in battle. Though it might seem like Slowking’s always been around, the helmeted Pokemon was introduced in Generation II with Pokemon Crystal. 

Most Slowkings are part Psychic, but if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a Galarian Slowking, they’re part Poison and part Psychic and come in a spooky purple. They do lose their Water-type, though, and look totally different to a normal Slowking.

8. Mantine

Mantine from Pokemon

If you’ve ever fancied floating about on a giant stingray, Mantine is the ideal Pokemon companion for you. Despite being gigantic, Mantine is an adorable combination of Water and Flying types. It’s a popular method of transport for Alolans in Pokemon Sun and Moon, but it’s been around Generation II.

As a battle companion, Mantine is immune to Ground Pokemon but strong against Fighting, Steel, Fire, Water, and Bug types.

9. Tentacruel

Tentacruel from Pokemon

One of the more common Pokemons, Tentacruel, is the evolution of Tentacool. It’s known as the jellyfish Pokemon, and it’s much older than Jellicent, arriving on the Pokemon scene as a Generation I Pokemon. 

It’s not immune to anything, but Tentacruel is resistant to lots of types of Pokemon, so it makes a fiendish and handy battle pet to have around. Tentacools are ten a penny in Pokemon, from Red and Blue right through to Sword and Shield, but they’re definitely worth it, especially if you train them up well.

10. Poliwrath

Poliwrath from Pokemon

One of the most popular Pokemon from the original days of Red, Blue, and Indigo League anime episodes. Poliwrath is part Water and Part Fighting, so he has a fiendish combination of gut-busting water moves and brawny fighting-type moves. You don’t want to mess with Poliwrath, that’s for sure.

Poliwrath evolves from Poliwhirl, and despite being hypnotic to look at, it isn’t Psychic, as you might think. 

Poliwhirl, Poliwag, and Poliwrath are classics, and there aren’t many Pokemon fans who aren’t familiar with them. 

As a Pokemon type, water isn’t the most obvious type to collect and train, as diehard battle fans tend to have more success with other types. However, there are some fierce Water Pokemon out there, and they are well worth a go. You’re going to need at least one on hand to combat Fire types on the opposing side, as well as achieve Fire Gym Badges and cross oceans and seas. Next time you find a wild Water Pokemon, catch it and give it a try.

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