Top 10 Ghost Pokemon

Top 10 Ghost Pokemon

Originally posted January 5, 2022

There’s nothing better than roaming around the wilds of Kanto or Alola with a full set of Ghost Pokemon to your name. Check out our rundown of the top ten spooky Pokemon to catch. Gotta catch ‘em all!

1. Gengar

Gengar from Pokemon

Everyone’s chubby purple monster, Gengar, has been popular with Pokemon fans since the very first Generation. With his Cursed Body and Mega Gengar’s Shadow Tag, Gengar is a formidable opponent in battle and a chubby companion outside of the fight. 

As one of the oldest Pokemon available, Gengar’s spoopiness has survived the test of time, as Gengars appear in every Pokemon Generation to date. 

2. Mimikyu

Mimikyu from Pokemon

With their sharp wits and spooky voice, Mimikyu is the perfect companion if you want to frighten your enemies. You don’t even need to be that good at battle if you can spook them into next week! Mimikyu has an extra creepy mix of Ghost and Fairy, making them formidable opponents, despite their tiny stature. 

The cute but creepy Mimikyu first appeared in Generation VII, with Pokemon Sun or Moon. If you’re looking for that perfect haunting companion, Mimikyu is for you.

3. Mismagius 

Mismagius from Pokemon

If you were planning on dressing as a witch this fall, check Mismagius out. Mismagius is the perfect battle companion for a witch, covered in purple mist and wearing a deliciously witchy hat. Whereas Mismagius comes under Ghost type and Ghost type alone, with its incantation and chanting habits, you could easily mistake it for something from the Psychic type. If you’re looking for a Pokemon that will mess with your enemies’ minds, Mismagius is for you.

4. Drifblim

Drifblim from Pokemon

First appearing in Generation IV, Drifblim is a Ghost/Flying type, and for all, it’s supposed to be scary; it looks an awful lot like a giant purple balloon. In the anime, a Drifblim might just carry you away to goodness-knows-where, but despite this being an excellent game mechanic, it just amounts to NPC rumors in-game. 

Despite being really cute, Drifblims have nothing but a big yellow X for a mouth, and there’s something that little bit creepy about it.  

5. Sableye

Sableye from Pokemon

As a long-time Pokemon player, I am constantly getting annihilated by Sableyes, so I can testify to the fact that they are fiendish opponents. With a lethal combination of Dark and Ghost types, Sableyes are excellent Pokemon for battle fans to catch, train and evolve. 

One of the older Pokemon, Sableye, was introduced in Generation III, with Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. Sableyes are weak to Fairy types, but Psychic and Normal Pokemon, so be careful which Gym Leaders you use Sableye to take on. 

6. Jellicent

Jellicent from Pokemon

Just like its namesake, Jellicent is a cushiony, billowy bundle of jellyfish-like Water/Ghost-type Pokemon. It evolves from Frillish, which looks more like a jellyfish, with its beautiful, flowy tentacles. However, Jellicent is less about being pretty and more about being a spooky battle Pokemon.

Introduced in Generation V, Jellicent is an older Pokemon, but not one of the oldest. It first appeared in Pokemon Black and White. 

7. Litwick

Litwick from Pokemon

The adorable Litwick is found in caves and other dark places around the Pokesphere. It debuted in Pokemon Black and White, with Generation V, like Jellicent. It might look cute, but it’s still part Fire, so you’ll want to watch out for its Fire moves. However, some of the Ghost-type moves are fierce, too, such as Hex and Night Shade. 

In the current Generation, Litwick emits a light that is said to steal the lifeforce of human beings in its vicinity, but it can also help you out in a cave.

Despite being a Ghost-type ‘Candle Pokemon’, Litwick is weak to other Ghost-type Pokemon and Water, Ground, Dark, and Rock Pokemon. 

8. Gastly

Gastly from Pokemon

Another older Pokemon, Gastly, is one of the first Ghost types I ever came across on Pokemon Red, Generation I. It’s a mixture of Ghost and Poison types, which make a challenging combination to battle, but a formidable Pokemon to as a companion across the map. 

95% of Gastly’s body is poisonous gas, so you’d be right in thinking that most of its Poison attacks are lethal. Gastlys are resistant to Poison and immune to Normal, Fighting, and Ground Pokemon, so you’ll have a great chance at beating those with a Gastly alongside you. However, if you’re facing one yourself, don’t throw your Normal-type Pokemon at it.

9. Alolan Marowak

Alolan Marowak from Pokemon

Known as the Bone Keeper Pokemon, Marowak has an interesting connection to those poor lost Cubones you keep finding. Apparently, Marowak is the ghost of the mother Cubone keeps crying for. It’s usually a Ground-type Pokemon, but in Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon, the Alolan Marowak is Ghost/Ground-type.

The first Marowaks were introduced when the franchise began, way back in the Generation I days of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow. 

With moves like Rock Head and Lightning Rod, you’re sure to take your enemies out with the vengeful ghost of Cubone’s mother.

10. Marshadow

Marshadow from Pokemon

If you’re sick of all the purple, but you’re still after a spooky Pokemon, check out Marshadow and its smoky grey appearance. Since it’s literally made of shadows, you’d expect Marshadow to be an easy opponent to beat, but don’t be fooled. Marshadow is formidable enough to star in Super Smash Bros, so it definitely isn’t an easy Pokemon to beat. 

Marshadow is a relatively new Pokemon, appearing first in Generation VII, with Pokemon Sun and Moon. Those spooky Alolan legends just might turn out to be true.

If you’re looking for a spooky Ghost-type Pokemon to battle with, maybe some of these will catch your eye. They’re not all easy to catch, and some of them are pretty useless until they’re leveled up a bit, but they’re all adorable, all spooky, and all of them are worth your time. 

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