Three ways that sketching and doodling can make you a better gamer

Three ways that sketching and doodling can make you a better gamer

Dubbed as the go-to method of procrastination during university lectures and Zoom meetings, sketching and doodling has at times been underestimated. In reality, the art of rapid freehand drawing is loaded with research-backed benefits that can help us relax and recharge, improve hand-eye coordination, and boost concentration—making it an ideal hobby for gamer’s looking to optimize their performance. 

  • Sketching can improve your motor skills and hand-eye coordination

  • Sketching is an essential component of childhood development, and for good reason. Freehand drawing builds fine motor skills, which in turn builds hand-eye coordination, a cognitive skill that governs how visual and motor systems work together.

    Hand-eye coordination allows us to perform simple tasks like picking up objects and brushing your hair, and more complex tasks like kicking a soccer ball or firing a no scope headshot in Call of Duty Mobile with ease. 

    All elite gamers possess strong hand-eye coordination. So, start sketching.

    Unsure where to start? Here’s some doodle inspiration we found on Pinterest:

  • Sketching can boost concentration, focus, and patience 

  • Gamers dream of the flow state. Times characterized by total absorption and focus… Where challenge turns to achievement… When everything seems to work out… Entering this state of mind allows us to be fully present and operate at our best, creating exceptional esports performance. 

    Unfortunately, gamers often only get a brief taste of flow before returning to a mediocre, more-distracted state. This is because most struggle to remain in the moment and be fully present. 

    Luckily, creative activities like sketching are scientifically proven to help us trigger a state of  presence, heightened absorption, and concentration—making it a great way to prime your brain before entering a game. 

    Check out Excedrin’s 6-step Mindful Gaming Routine to learn about other techniques that will help you stay dialed in throughout the big game. 

  • Sketching helps us relax and recharge 

  • Paying continuous attention to a singular task can be a recipe for brain strain. Constant challenges, defeats, auditory cues, dopamine dumps—be it good or bad, the intensity of gaming takes a toll.

    In order to relax and recharge between sessions, we recommend sketching as a method to unwind without losing total interest. For both beginners or avid artists, sketching has the ability to trigger a relaxation response associated with decreased blood pressure and anxiety alleviation, while promoting heightened concentration and a sense of accomplishment. 

    Try sketching an early iteration of our character Mae!

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