Gaming Makeup Challenge: The Last of Us

Gaming Makeup Challenge: The Last of Us

Originally posted February 13, 2023

We challenged Stef Sanjati to create a makeup look inspired by The Last Of Us. In this article we breakdown the steps behind her final look.

Hi, my name is Stef Sanjati (also Stephanie Peloza, Head Narrative Designer here at Paidia Gaming) and I’m here to share my take on The Last of Us (TLOU) gaming makeup challenge!

The challenge is simply to create a look inspired by TLOU - the game or the show, it’s  up to you!

Full disclosure: despite being an avid & lifelong gamer, I’ve never completed the TLOU games so I went with some inspo from the show’s recent episodes. Specifically, that awful, awful clicker.

A Clicker of The Last UsGorgeous, right?

Anyways, those cordycep fungal growths have a really pretty (uh) green and orange thing going on, so that’s where I aimed!

Step 1: The Base

I started with my base - I’ve been loving the e.l.f. Cosmetics Power Grip Primer 4% Niacinamide as my first step, then the usual foundation and concealer routine. However, I upped my contouring more than usual because I wanted to provide more depth, edge and definition for this look.

Steph's Base Look without PrimerSteph applying Primer

Steph's Look After Primer Placed

Step 2: Eyes

Next I got right to my eyes! I kept it pretty simple with an orange and pink blend, evoking more of the clicker colour palette. Nothing too grim yet though! The orange shade on my lid is from the e.l.f. Game Up Ready to Play Eyeshadow Palette, and the pink is a blush shade from their Simply Enchanted Face Palette - I made sure to blend it out from the crease towards my temples and along my lower lash line!

Simply Enchanted Face Palette on eyese.lf. Game Up Ready to Play Eyeshadow Palette

Step 3: The base of the fungal art

Base for Fungal ArtSteph Applying the base for the fungal art

Next I applied e.l.f.’s Shadow Lock Eyeshadow Primer along my temple area before going in with the bright green from the Game Up Eyeshadow Palette. We’re forming the base of the fungal growth area (never thought I’d be saying that in a beauty tutorial). Then, I use a smaller flat brush and pick up that orange shade, pressing it down and dragging away to create a blended, pulled shape. Repeat for additional fungal growths! Yay!

Step 4: Drawing on the fungal artwork

Next, I’m switching to my e.l.f. Game Up Eye Win Eyeliner Pot in FTW, a neon green shade, and drawing out the shapes of fungal growths, following all of the placed eyeshadow patterns. A mushroom cap sort of shape along my crease and outer eye, and then stalks in the green/orange area on my temple.

Adding details into the fungal artMore details added into the fungal art

Step 5: Black eyeliner + repeating step 4

Next, I took a break for some black liquid liner before going back and repeating that fungal growth process along the jaw! Anyone have a cream for this?

Applying black eyeliner to the lookBlack eyeliner shown

Step 6: Brows, mascara and gloss

Almost there! For a few finishing touches, I pencilled my brows, did my mascara (e.l.f.’s Lash N’ Roll has been great!) and for lips, I went with e.l.f.’s Ride or Die Lip Balm in Boss Berry!

Application of Lip BalmApplying mascara

Applying touches to eyebrows

Step 7: Last minute additions to the artwork

In a moment of inspiration, I remembered THAT scene at the end of episode 2 (if you know, you know) and thought, hey, why not add some of those delicious tendrils growing out of the fungus? Why not?!

Last minute touches to the final look

For this, I used another of Game Up Eyeliner Pot in Lag, a bright blue shade; and, with a precision brush, drew some gorgeous little tendrils reaching out towards whoever might be right in front of me. I’m sure this is fine… so I set it in place with the Game Up Blue Light Setting Spray!

Et voila - we’re done!

Final Look of the Fungal Art

Try the challenge yourself and create a look inspired by The Last of Us! Tag us @paidiagaming on social media so we can see and boost your fungal inspired (or otherwise) creativity!

See you next month for another Gaming Makeup Challenge!

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Stef Sanjati

Creator, Narrative Designer, WoW Gal