Building Champions: Tekken 7 players Battle for Glory in the Super Girl Gamer Pro Series

Building Champions: Tekken 7 players Battle for Glory in the Super Girl Gamer Pro Series

Originally posted on August 25, 2023

ShadowLadySamori triumphs the Tekken 7 Super Girl Gamer Pro Championships


Here's a recap of the results and more from the Tekken 7 Series


The Championship Finale

On August 26th the FGC tuned-in to watch the Top 6 of the Super Girl Gamer Pro Tekken 7 series in a Double Elimination B03 bracket with grand finals being a BO5


The Results:

  • 🏆 ShadowLadySamori - A true testament to never giving up.
  • 🥈KawaiiFaceMiles - A fierce competitor, bringing style and substance to every match.

🥉 CleverTactics - Showcasing a dominant performance throughout


The Highlights:

  • A shocking twist saw ShadowLadySamori put into the lower bracket by CleverTactics in Round 2.
  • Displaying resilience, ShadowLadySamori emerged victorious in the lower finals, paving her way into the Grand Finals.
  • In a dramatic climax, ShadowLadySamori initiated and secured a bracket reset against KawaiiFaceMiles, clinching the title and crowning herself the Tekken 7 champion of the Super Girl Gamer Series.

The Super Girl Gamer Legacy

First, a nod to the visionaries behind this groundbreaking series. Launched in 2017, the Super Girl Gamer Pro's primary goal has always been crystal clear: championing women in the world of gaming. Creating an inclusive space for women gamers, it empowers and encourages more women to embrace roles within esports. Together working with an array of supportive collaborators who passionately believe in the importance of equality, opportunity and inclusion for women in gaming.

Journey to the Finals

To lock in the Top 6 there were 2 qualifiers held on August 19 and 20, players had the opportunity to participate in both qualifiers. The result? The best six fighters have emerged, ready to prove their mettle in the finals.

Using a round-robin format, each participant played seven intense rounds, with the top three from each day advancing. The stakes? A chance at the championship's $2,500 prize pool.


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Meet the Finalists

Super Girl Gamer Qualifier Board

Photo Courtesy of Super Girl Gamer Pro

  • CLEVERTACTICS (6W-1L) - Dominating the qualifiers with a stellar record.
  • MONIETOOSWEETS (6W-1L) - A fierce contender proving that sweet doesn’t mean weak.
  • SHADOWLADYSAMORI (5W-2L) - With her strategic gameplay, she's a force to reckon with.
  • QUEENFAYETAL (5W-2L) - Royalty in name and gameplay, she's here to claim her throne.
  • KAWAIIFACEMILES(5W-2L) - Combining style with substance, she's a player to watch.
  • ATHENA4LYFE (5W-2L) - The warrior goddess of the arena, she's set to dazzle.

Super Girl Gamer Pro Tekken 7 Tournament series is hosted by TheSweetsEvents, who provides the FGC with Tournaments, Exhibitions, Sponsorships and more

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