Paidia Circuit Women’s 2v2 Halo Infinite | Everything you need to know

Paidia Circuit Women’s 2v2 Halo Infinite | Everything you need to know

Originally Posted on May 18th, 2022


The Circuit Explained:

The Paidia Circuit is an all-new 2v2 league for women Halo Infinite Players. Where players will be competing for over $10,000 in prize money

It is broken up into 3 splits running over six months. Each split consists of 3 weeks of pool plays leading into a Top 8 Split finals. Points will be awarded to the Top 8 teams that will be used to determine the next split seeding and to qualify for the Championships. 

The Grand Championship will take place on September 10th where we will see the Top 8 teams compete in a Best of 5 Double Elimination bracket. 


The Prizing:


Split 1 Prizing: $2000 USD (50%,30%,20%)

Thanks to our founding partners teams Razer and Xbox, players also walked away with prize packs!

Split 1 Prizing

Split 2 & 3 Prizing: $2000 USD (50%,30%,20%)

Top 8 took part in a raffle during check in!

Split 3 Bonus Clip Challenge

Participants will be competing in a solo clip challenge during Pool Play to earn these prizes.

Split 3 challenges

Championships: $5000 USD (50%,30%,20%)

Championship Prize Pool

Teams Competing in Championship: SakuraCom, Queen Divine, Pushin P, Pingu Pals, Femme Fatale, Sourpatch Queens, GishLia, Bulva

The Split Format:
All three splits are now completed
Split ran for three weeks where teams played matches in a Pool Play format. There was 2 nights a week with scheduled matches in a BO3 format.

TOP 8 moved into the Split finals where they played a Double Elimination. Upper Bracket will play a BO5, Lower Bracket to play BO3 except in the Lower Bracket Finals they will play a BO5

The Championships will be a Double Elimination B05 featuring the Top 8 overall teams.
It will be streamed on Paidia Gaming and Xbox's Twitch channels starting on Saturday September 10th at 6PM EST

Points breakdown
Teams will earn points after each Top 8 Split Finals that will be considered in the following Split seeding and to qualify for the Championships

Current Standings: updated September 2nd


Team Points
1 SakuraCom 100
2 Queen Divine 94
3 Eclipse 50
4 Pushin P 40
5 Pingu Pals 36
6 Femme Fatale 30
7 Sourpatch Queens 24
8 GishLia 22
9 Bulva 22
10 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner 21
11 Hyperspace Dark 20
12 The Grippy Socks Girls 17
13 Jynx 12
14 Simple 12
15 mhm mhm 10
16 Valourose 6
17 Hyperspace Light 2
18 Khaos Kitties 2
19 Hail Marys 2
20 Plasma Kitties 0
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