Mortal Kombat 1's Achievement Hunt: A Player's Checklist

Mortal Kombat 1's Achievement Hunt: A Player's Checklist

Originally September 13, 2023

Mortal Kombat 1, the latest offering in the iconic fighting series, is not just a treat in terms of gameplay and graphics; it also offers a vast treasure trove of achievements to unlock. As the anticipation mounts among us, we've crafted the ultimate checklist for players eager to unlock every achievement the game has to offer.


Become A Ninja In No Time

Komplete the Basic Tutorial A great starting point for newcomers and a quick win for MK veterans. This achievement ensures that players are familiar with the core mechanics.

Eye Of The TaiGore 

Spend a Total of 1 Hour in Practice Mode Training is the backbone of mastery. Dedicate time to refining your techniques, ensuring you're prepared for every battle.

Story Mode

A New Timeline 

Komplete 50% of Story Mode

Who Was That???

Komplete Chapter 15 Twice

What Just Happened?? 

Komplete 100% of the Story Mode Immerse yourself in the rich lore of Mortal Kombat, and these achievements will naturally follow. Remember, every decision counts!

Happy Endings

Unlock 10 Tower Endings

 Every tower has its own story. Play through multiple to uncover diverse endings and snag this achievement.

Thank You For Being A Fan!!!

Watch the Kredits A simple yet heartwarming achievement. As a nod to the creators and developers, make sure to watch the credits till the end.

Achievements earned naturally by playing


Deal 10,000 damage to opponents 

Beaten and Broken 

Spill 5,000 Pints of Blood. 

It's all about the grind. Every punch, kick, and fatality brings you closer to these achievements.

It Has Begun!!

Komplete Cage Mansion Tutorial


Play 5 Kombat League Sets


Perform 10 different Brutalities 

Deadly Assassin

Perform 20 different fatalities


Perform 10 different Kameo Fatalities

 Display your prowess by mastering a variety of finishing moves. A deep dive into each character's move list can help you get there faster.

Subzero in Mortal Kombat 1 versus Kenshi

Making Friends Is Easy 

Use 10 different Kameo characters. 

Diversity is key. Expand your gameplay by incorporating multiple Kameo characters into your battles.

Big Spender

Spend 10,000 Seasonal Kredits

 Engage in the game's economy! As you earn, remember to spend. This achievement will come naturally as you invest in upgrades, skins, and other in-game items.

Total Disrespect 

Perform a taunt without being interrupted during an Online Match

Witness Me!!! 

Change your Kombat Kard Player Module

Customization is at the heart of Mortal Kombat 1. Personalize your Kombat Kard, and this achievement is yours.

Invasion Mode

Invasion mode is a board game-style RPG with kollectable loot and mini-games

Invasions in Mortal Kombat 1

Feeling Stronger

Reach Invasion Level 5


Reach Invasions Level 10

Rise through the ranks. Engage in invasions to prove your dominance and tactical prowess.


Reach Invasions Level 20

Not So Big Now, Are You??

Defeat a Mini Boss in Invasions

Who Da Boss??

Defeat a Major Boss in Invasions

Make Way, I’m Koming Through 

Klear an obstruction in Invasions 

Invasions offer various challenges; one of them being obstructions. Successfully clearing these barriers will get you this achievement.


Defeat the Final Boss of an Invasions seasons

Test Your Might

 Puppet Master 

Komplete a Klassic Tower with 5 different characters.

Give a Koin

Spend 10,000 Koins on The Shrine

Test Your Might

Komplete 5 unique Test Your Might encounters

So I Just Kill Stuff??

Komplete 5 unique encounters

Adventure Time

Komplete 25 unique encounters. Stay vigilant and diversify your challenges to unlock these achievements.

King Slayer

Dethrone a King for the competitive souls out there, this achievement provides the thrill of conquering the leaderboard.

Buddy System

Komplete Mastery with 1 Kameo Character

Rollin’ With My Krew

 Komplete Mastery with 5 Kameo Characters.

Dive deep into character mechanics and become a master of the roster. The more characters you specialize in, the better!

High Score, Is That Good? 

Obtain a total score of 5,000,000 in Gateway Towers

 Dedication is key. As you climb the Gateway Towers, keep pushing your limits and this achievement will be yours.

There Is No Knowledge That Is Not Power 

Use 10 Konsumables

 Diversify your in-game strategies by trying out different items. This achievement rewards players for their adaptability and willingness to experiment.

Trading Items

Exploration and trade are essential. Gather items to assist you on your journey, each with its own story.

Where’s Blanche 

Trade for an item from an Outworld shop

Take and Deny

Trade for an item from an Earthrealm shop.


Ultimate Power

Use a Talisman


Use a Talisman 10 times

Running on Empty

Recharge a Talisman

So Krafty

Forge a Talisman


Always Accessorize

Equip a relic


Equip 3 different relics.


To bag this achievement, players need to get into the collection aspect of the game. Equip yourself with various relics to not only enhance gameplay but also to inch closer to this milestone.


The Mighty Have Fallen 

Komplete a Titan Battle

This is all about challenging oneself. Going head-to-head with a Titan is no small feat. Prepare, practice, and persevere!

Made It Out Alive

Komplete a Survival Encounter

 Survival mode has always been a test of endurance. Stay focused, and with each battle, you get closer to this achievement.

Quest Master 

Komplete 3 Daily Quests 

Working Overtime 

Komplete a weekly quest

Hidden Achievements


Use a key.

 A nod to the series' history, this achievement reminds long-time fans of the old secret code. To get this, you'll have to find and use a key within the game.

Secret Fight in Mortal Kombat 1


Found You

Unlock a secret fight

 Always be on the lookout and pay attention to clues and hints within the game. Finding and unlocking a secret fight rewards you with this achievement.

Stop Hiding

 Survive an ambush 

Sometimes, it's about not just strength, but also resilience. Surviving an ambush proves you have both.

Achievement hunting in Mortal Kombat 1 offers a unique blend of challenges that test both your skills and your dedication to the game. Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned veteran, there's something for everyone. So gear up, step into the arena, and may your name shine in the hall of achievements!

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