Meet KEEKEEXBABYY: a player giving an impactful voice to the fighting game scene

Meet KEEKEEXBABYY: a player giving an impactful voice to the fighting game scene

Originally posted on July 2022

Ahead of Kunoichi’s series of exhibitions starting in July that will highlight the many talented individuals in the FGC, we connected with keekeexbaby, one of the commentators for the Kunoichi Arena Tekken 7 exhibitions.

Kunoichi is a team affiliated with Console Gaming League that highlights and uplifts women content creators and competitors within the community.  They have hosted numerous events such as Kunoichi Klash for multiple games. Their new exhibition series, Kunoichi Arena will be a monthly show hosted on their newly released Twitch channel that each month will see a selected fighting game and some of the top women competing in exhibition matches with the goal of highlighting the women in the community.

Kunoichi Arena flyer

The Tekken 7 exhibition commentator, Keekeexbabyy, is a Twitch partner that streams a variety of content, and also provides wonderful content on YouTube as a partner.  Keekee competes and commentates on fighting games in addition to being an avid cosplayer. She is partnered with many sponsors such as CapcomUSA, Ubisoft, BandaiNamco and Epic Games.

Mira: What about fighting games specifically appealed to you?

Keekee: "I can't fully remember what drew me to fighting games since I've been gaming for as long as I could hold a controller. I was born into gaming due to having parents who were gamers, so gaming has thankfully been a major part of my life since birth along with anime. It's probably the same thought process I have now about them though. I think they are the coolest, the combos, the art, they're just so unique compared to the other genres and I really appreciated that. Don't get me started on playing them, but when playing them it feels so rewarding to get a combo down or beat the hardest boss/person in the game. Fighting games are just so freaking awesome!"

M: Which game got you started on fighting games?

K: "I definitely got started on the oldest fighting games to exist because like I expressed before having gamer parents meant having everything, gaming system and game to go with it. The ones I can remember most though would be the Street Fighters, Mortal Kombats, Soul Edge aka Soul Calibur's earlier game, and Tekkens."

M: Who do you enjoy playing the most in Tekken and who is the character you most enjoy watching?

K: "I love playing Lili and Zafina the most, both characters are so unique and fun whether it's me flipping up a storm with Lili or getting creepy crawly with Zafina. The character I enjoy watching most other than watching people play my mains to get tech or better ideas what to do high level against characters I really enjoy watching Hworang and if I mained/played male characters he would be the one, but truthfully watching Tekken matches with any and every character is usually very enjoyable."

M: You are commentating in the upcoming Kunoichi exhibitions, Are there any particular matchups you are excited to see? 

K: "I am really excited to watch Athena play because it has been such a long time since I've watched her in a tournament setting. We ironically met after playing each other in ICFC and she is the absolute sweetest! The other ladies are also amazing though and I am just excited to continue to see women be represented and highlighted in the space because we belong here but also work so hard as well. I am excited to see good Tekken period!"

M: What do you think is important for casting alongside someone else?

K: "When casting alongside someone I think it is important to get a game plan together with one another, who is going to say what when introducing the matches, shouting out sponsors, or etc. Most importantly I think it is important to be mindful not to talk over one another but also to ensure that you pick up for one another where one may lack."

Kekee's Advice for growth

M: Do you have any tips for those beginning to compete in the FGC?

K: "My advice for anyone beginning to compete in fighting games is to not give up and understand that growth isn't linear and your growth/journey can and will look different from others. Taking breaks can sometimes help you see things from a different perspective or get you out of feeling stuck in situations. Most importantly though, have fun and don't be afraid to ask others for help, so many people are willing to help others especially because they love having people play their games."

M: Between content creation, streaming and commentating how do you manage your time?

K: "Time management? don't know her, just kidding well kind of...As some know but others don't, I stream, create and edit content, cosplay, commentate, and even compete. Time management is so important, but sometimes that can feel chaotic and hectic. I am a big procrastinator at times, so I may not be the best to answer this. I dissociate often and somehow things aren't on fire...I think I just kick my butt in gear when I know I need to and get stuff done when I need to but time management is something I am working on and want to get better with. Writing down things and scheduling things on your phone can help. I am getting better and still working on my time management. I highly value things that need to be done and get it done though!"

M: What are some aspects of streaming/ content creation that you think is not well known or talked about? 

K: "I feel like people know now because streamers are more vocal about it but streaming is not easy, there is so much that goes into it before seeing the fruits of your labor. As a streamer/creator I put so much of myself and my time into my craft and my community. Being a woman in this space, especially one who is marginalized in many ways, is so hard...especially when the algorithms are against you. Things weigh so hard on you mentally and people dehumanize you often. I just want people to remember that it is not as easy as it looks and to remember creators/streamers are human too. If a streamer is not able to give you all of their time 24/7 or as soon as you want it outside of stream it is not always personal as some struggle with mental illness and have a big toll taken out of them from creating the content you love.e patient with them and continue to support your favorite creators, it goes a long way, more than you realize. It doesn't always have to be financially just do what makes the most sense for you."

M: Do you have any advice to those starting out streaming/ making content?

K: "Have fun, don't put too much stress on yourself when it comes to numbers because if you focus on numbers it will mentally mess you up but also affect the quality of your content. Genuinely build the space and appreciate your community/viewers even if it's one viewer and one chatter cherish them and engage them. Don't be all I wish I had more because at least that person is there and it could hurt their feelings because at least you got them right? But yeah have fun, play the games you enjoy most, and don't forget to create a Discord to connect with your community off streams but also to let them know when streams are."

M: What are some games you enjoy playing outside of fighting games?

K: "I love to play everything, I am a variety creator before all else. Just playing one game isn't for me so yeah, I play literally any and everything. Currently I am finishing up these story games: The Quarry, Lost In Random, and eventually Ghost Of Tsushima. I am also in a chokehold by Genshin Impact."

M: What are your goals for the future?

K: "I have a lot of future goals but one major one is to commentate at Combo Breaker and EVO one of these years hopefully sooner than later, other than that I just want to continue growing as a creator and continue to make a difference in the gaming space by providing the safe, welcoming, uplifting, and fun space I have already cultivated for others especially those who are marginalized and BIPOC.  Financial goals would be to hit 2k subscribers on Twitch so I can get more emotes for my community but also would love to get to 10k subscribers on YouTube and for all my videos to start hitting the 500-1k+ range of viewership."

M: Is there anything you would like to spotlight or talk about?

K: "I am a variety creator who is passionate about making a change in the gaming space if you'd like to support me it would mean the world and you can do so via Twitch: and YouTube support in these areas would mean a lot as it will continue to allow me to do what I love."

Keekee is an extraordinarily talented content creator within the community. It is no small feat to excel in so many areas of creation while maintaining competitiveness within games as well. Please make sure to give her your continued support and enjoy her commentary in the upcoming Kunoichi Arena coming in July.

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