Level Up: e.l.f.’s gaming makeup collection is vibrant, affordable, & made for life on and off screen

Level Up: e.l.f.’s gaming makeup collection is vibrant, affordable, & made for life on and off screen

Originally posted August 25, 2022

We picked up e.l.f. Cosmetics Game Up Limited Edition and tried out most of the products. Here’s how we ranked the line-up

We love us a new makeup collection. What we love even more are collections that are colourful, affordable, and are cruelty-free. So when we heard that e.l.f. Cosmestics launched a new collection that combines all three, and is made for the gaming community, we had to try it! e.l.f. Cosmetics’ Game Up line includes a limited edition 8-piece collection that was available earlier this summer at Target stores, Shoppers Drug Mart locations in Canada, and online at elfcosmetics.com.

e.l.f. Game UP set

The new collection is part of e.l.f.’s “journey deeper into the gaming world and metaverse.”

“e.l.f. was an early adopter in beauty on Twitch,” said Patrick O’Keefe, Vice President of Integrated Marketing Communications at e.l.f. Beauty. “We want to uplift and empower all creators in the gaming world through inclusivity, positivity, and accessibility. We are excited to continue to break boundaries at the intersections of entertainment, gaming and beauty.”

So let’s dig into the Game Up collection.   The entire line includes: eyeliner pots, a setting mist, a face mask, an eye cream, an eyeshadow palette, lip gloss masks, a nail kit, and a life kit that includes brushes and a face sponge.

We tried most of the products, and here’s how we ranked the line up:

  • 1. Game Up Shield Me Setting Mist ($10)
    Game Up Shield Me Setting Mist
  • The Shield Me Setting Mist ranked on the top of our list for several reasons. For anyone who wears makeup, especially eyeshadow and foundation, a setting spray is generally recommended. It’s also a good idea to use when you can’t touch up for a few hours, such as during a gaming session. And this e.l.f. lightweight setting spray really sets the makeup, locking it down for any game face. The mist is light in scent, and feels refreshing on the face for those warm mornings (or nights!). The best part, and the reason this is on top, this mist helps absorb blue light, “no cheat code needed,” as e.l.f. Cosmetics says!

    2. Game Up Rez-Me Awakening Eye Cream ($10)

    Game Up Rez-Me Awakening Eye Cream

    We loved this eye cream! Don’t let the tube shape deceive you, this compact and easy-to-carry container actually has a roller ball applicator on it, and is infused with hyaluronic acid and peptides to help the eyes stay hydrated while minimizing the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. For anyone who has less-than-ideal sleep patterns, and plays all night (and all day), this eye cream is perfect under makeup or on its own. And the roller ball makes it soothing to apply.

    3. Game Up Bonus Points Lip Gloss Mask ($6) 

    Game Up Lip Gloss Mask

    Next up is the Bonus Points Lip Gloss Mask. While it comes in four shades (Royal Peach, Blue Rush, Hidden Treasure and Next Level), they are generally quite light and settle like a sheer tint of its colour. The reason this is called a Lip Gloss Mask is because its formula allows it to look like a lip glass, and it also works like a mask. These glosses include hyaluronic acid to help with hydration, whether gaming all evening or when heading out for the day.

  • 4. Game Up Extra Life Kit ($15)
  • Game Up Extra Life Kit

    The most unique package in this collection is definitely the Extra Life Kit, which gives us life. Or extra life. While some of these beauty boosters aren’t needed for your day to day, others are, but all work on levelling up your makeup game. So this is full kit that includes an angled eyeliner brush, blending eye brush, smudge brush, face sponge, and face gems for hair, body and nails. The blending eye brush is perfect to use with the Ready to Play Eyeshadow Palette, and it is easy to clean in between usage. The best part of this kit? The face gems which can be used on the hair, body, and nails. The kit comes with 65 gems, so you can level up on plenty of game nights.

  • Game Up Eye Win Eyeliner Pot ($6)
  • Eyeliner Pot

    Last, but not least, is the Eye Win Eyeliner Pot. Using the eye liner brush from the Extra Life Kit, you can dip into this smudge-resistant eyeliner to create bold makeup statements. The eyeliner pots come in four shades: Reboot, FTW, Good Game and Lag. We tried the Reboot shade, layered as thin as possible on the lash line, and on top of the Ready to Play Eyeshadow mix, to add depth and definition around the eyes. Top it off with some setting mist, and definitely allow it to dry before starting a game.

    And that’s our ranking of our fave products in this collection! While we didn’t get to try the nail polish, their colours are as bright and vibrant - so you can certainly match on your next livestreams.

    As mentioned, the best part is the cost, with e.l.f. Cosmetics, which began making beauty products back in 2004, is quite accessible. It’s 100% vegan, and this collection ranges from $6 to $15.

    With that, we’re ready to Game Up, and level up!

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    Yasmin Aboelsaud

    Writer for Paidia Gaming