How to Spend Your Resin Effectively in Genshin Impact

How to Spend Your Resin Effectively in Genshin Impact

Originally posted February 1, 2022

Original Resin is one of the most complicated mechanics within Genshin Impact, and can be overwhelming for new players - but that’s ok, we’re here to help! This guide will explain what Resin is, every way you can use it, and the optimal ways to spend it.

Once you get to a high level in Genshin Impact, Resin will be the most important resource in the game. Understanding Resin and how to spend it can massively improve your experience, and allow you to progress faster by making the most of your time. 

Doorway to Domain

What is Resin and how do I get it?

In Genshin Impact, Original Resin is a resource used to receive drops from a variety of bosses, domains and challenges. These drops are crucial to progression, as they can include Character Ascension Materials, Talent Materials, Artifacts and Mora. You won’t receive these drops instantly after defeating the boss - the game will ask you to pay Resin first. 

You can only hold a maximum of 160 Original Resin at any time, and it regenerates at a rate of 1 Resin per 8 minutes. This means that to fully regenerate your Resin, it will take just over 21 hours. Thankfully, the game includes a few ways to restore Resin without waiting: Fragile Resin, Transient Resin and Primogems.

Fragile Resin is a valuable item that increases your current Resin by 60. However, it’s only obtainable through Adventure Rank Rewards, the Battle Pass and various events. The game will also give you one for free on your birthday, so remember to log in for this gift!

Transient Resin is identical to Fragile Resin, except it has an expiry date: if you don’t use it within a week, you’ll lose it. You can purchase Transient Resin in the Serenitea Pot’s Realm Depot once you hit Trust Rank 6. 

The third and final method to restore your Resin is by using Primogems. You can restore 60 Resin up to 6 times a day using Primogems, with the cost increasing each time. We don’t recommend doing this, as Primogems are far better used for making Wishes and earning new characters.

Resin can also be turned into Condensed Resin, a very useful time-saving tool. When claiming rewards that usually cost 20 Resin, you can opt to use Condensed Resin as opposed to your Original Resin pool to receive two sets of rewards.  

Condensed Resin can be crafted using 40 Resin and a Crystal Core, which you can obtain by grabbing Crystalflies. You can hold 5 of these in your inventory at a time, and you will get the crafting recipe along with a single Condensed Resin when you hit Reputation Rank 3 in Liyue. 

Dvalin Cutscene from Genshin Impact

What can I spend Resin on?

Ley Line Outcrops

Ley Line Outcrops are challenges found in the open world, in all regions of Teyvat. There are two types: Blossoms of Revelation, which are blue and drop Character EXP Materials, and Blossoms of Wealth, which are gold and drop Mora. 

After completing the challenge inside, you will be presented with a Ley Line Blossom, which will allow you to spend 20 Resin or a Condensed Resin to receive rewards. These are great when you’re in a bind for some Character EXP or Mora, and Genshin Impact occasionally has events that allow you to receive double rewards from these when spending Original Resin. 

Abyssal Domains

Abyssal Domains (commonly referred to as just Domains) are dungeon-like challenges found in certain places across Teyvat. These are marked on the map as black diamonds containing blue circles. They often provide materials unavailable anywhere else, such as Weapon Ascension Materials, Talent Materials and Artifacts. Some materials are only available from Domains on certain days, detailed in the item’s description. 

Upon defeating the challenge, you will be able to claim rewards using either 20 Original Resin or a Condensed Resin, and can then choose to leave the Domain or continue challenging it. If you plan on farming Domains, it’s recommended using Condensed Resin when claiming rewards to speed up the process. 

World Bosses

Across the world of Teyvat, there are many scary-looking enemies with dedicated battle arenas. These are World Bosses (sometimes known as Elite Bosses or just Bosses). These enemies drop Artifacts and Character Ascension Materials, which are important for progression. 

When you defeat a World Boss, a Trounce Blossom will appear. These will allow you to spend 40 Original Resin to claim rewards. Sadly, Condensed Resin can’t be used here. These bosses take 3 minutes to respawn, but you’ll need to teleport somewhere else on the map and come back later.

Weekly Bosses

Genshin Impact has some incredibly strong bosses that when beaten give a lot of fantastic rewards. These include Artifacts, Northlander Billets and Character Ascension Materials, as well as exclusive Talent Materials. The catch is, you can only claim rewards from each of them once a week. As of September 2021, these bosses include Dvalin, Andrius, Childe, Azhdaha and Signora. 

For the first three of these bosses you defeat each week, you will only have to spend 30 Resin to receive the rewards. Collecting rewards from the remaining bosses will cost 60 Resin, and Condensed Resin can’t be used. Weekly Bosses will reset on Monday at 4AM Server Time.

Fragile Resin in Genshin Impact

How should I spend my Resin?

Hold On To Your Fragile Resin

Fragile Resin is hard to come by, and yet it’s a very valuable resource for farming as it allows you to ignore the daily Resin cap. Wasting it in the early game on World Bosses and Ley Line Outcrops is a pitfall many new players fall into. If you want your late game experience to be as convenient as possible, preserve some of that Fragile Resin until you’re Adventure Rank 45. Otherwise, hold on to it for when you need it, like if you haven’t done all of your Weekly Bosses and are out of Resin on a Sunday. You’ll thank us later!

Don’t Farm Artifacts Until Adventure Rank 45

Although getting access to 5-star Artifacts at Adventure Rank 40 is an exciting part of progression in Genshin Impact, it also leads to perhaps the biggest mistake players make in the game. 

Completing the Artifact Domains you unlock at AR40 has a chance to reward you with a 5-star Artifact. However, by waiting a few Adventure Rank levels, you can be getting at least one guaranteed 5-star every run for the same amount of Resin. This is a far more efficient use of your resources. 

Do Your Weekly Bosses At The Weekend

This might seem a little arbitrary, but we promise it makes sense! As your Adventure Rank increases in Genshin Impact, so does your World Level. As your World Level increases, the drops you can get from enemies improve. Your Adventure Rank (and therefore World Level) will increase as you play and complete various tasks in the game, and will likely be higher on Sunday than it was on Monday. So, unless you don’t plan on playing at all that week, you should wait until the weekend to fight these bosses to make sure you’re getting the best drops possible.

Keep Spending!

Try not to let your Resin sit at the cap of 160 for too long - you’re missing out on free Resin regeneration! As Resin is such a valuable resource in the game, you should try to be earning as much of it as you possibly can. Also, using Fragile Resin allows you to go over the cap of 160, so it’s worth spending your existing supply before using it. 

Overall, Resin is incredibly valuable, and you should make the most of what the game gives you for free. Although waiting for your Resin to regenerate can be frustrating at times, hold on to as much of that precious Fragile Resin as you can.

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