How to Get Free Intertwined Fates in Genshin Impact in 2024

How to Get Free Intertwined Fates in Genshin Impact in 2024

Wishing in Genshin Impact can be a risky business, and sometimes we don’t quite have enough Primogems to get what we’re looking for. Here’s our guide to earning Intertwined Fates so you can get that character you really want! 

Adventurer’s Handbook

Adventurers Handbook - Genshin Impact

Most players are familiar with the Adventurer’s Handbook as a form of guide in the early game, teaching them the basics and rewarding them for executing on them. However, it’s also a great source of Intertwined Fates thanks to its Tour Guide section. After completing any act of an Archon Quest, you’ll be rewarded here with an Intertwined Fate as well as 3 Hero’s Wit, 3 Sanctifying Essence and 6 Mystic Enhancement Ore. This applies to all Archon Quest acts in the game, so if you are quite a way through the story and haven’t claimed any of these yet, you might be in for a bountiful harvest of Intertwined Fates!  

Claiming Collectibles

Claiming Collectibles in Genshin Impact's many incredible regions

In your travels throughout Genshin Impact’s many incredible regions, you will find many different forms of collectibles that can be exchanged for great rewards. Elemental Sigils are the most basic of these, but many areas have their own unique collectibles that have their own redemption methods too. 

Elemental Sigils can be redeemed in Inazuma, Sumeru and Fontaine. Opening chests and leveling up Statues of the Seven in these regions will reward you with Electro, Dendro or Hydro Sigils, respectively.

In Inazuma, Electro Sigils can be redeemed at the Sacred Sakura at Grand Narukami Shrine - this functionality can be unlocked after completing the ‘Ritou Escape Plan’ quest. You can level up the tree by offering 25 Electro Sigils, making for a total of 1250 Sigils to fully upgrade the tree to level 50. At levels 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50, you’ll be rewarded with 2 Intertwined Fates, while at levels 2, 7, 12, 17, 22, 27, 32, 37, 42 and 47 you’ll receive 2 Acquaint Fates.  

In Sumeru, the player can redeem Dendro Sigils at the Tree of Dreams in Vanarana. You’ll be able to access this after completing the World Quest ‘The World of Aranara’. This one costs 35 Dendro Sigils to level up, making for a total of 1750 Sigils to fully upgrade the tree. At levels 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50, you’ll be rewarded with 2 Intertwined Fates, while at levels 2, 7, 12, 17, 22, 27, 32, 37, 42 and 47 you’ll receive 2 Acquaint Fates.

In Fontaine, you can redeem Hydro Sigils in the Fountain of Lucine outside of the Opera Epiclese. However, unlike the previous regions, you can unlock the redemption functionality by simply walking up to the fountain. Hydro Sigils are offered in groups of 30, for a total of 1200 as of Version 4.4, as the fountain can currently only be upgraded to Level 40. At levels 10, 20, 30 and 40, you’ll be rewarded with 2 Intertwined Fates, while at levels 2, 7, 12, 17, 22, 27, 32 and 37 you’ll receive 2 Acquaint Fates.  

Collecting Crimson Agates in Dragonspine and bringing them to the Frostbearing Tree will grant you some great rewards, with an Acquaint Fate at levels 1 and 2, another two Acquaint Fates at level 5, and a pair of Intertwined Fates at level 6. Crimson Agates are offered in groups of 10, so you’ll only need 60 to claim all of these rewards. 

When exploring The Chasm’s Underground Mines, you can find Lumenspar, a blue crystal that can be offered to enhance the Lumenstone Adjuvant. You can do this by talking to the NPC Jinwu at one of the base camps in the mines. You’ll get a pair of Acquaint Fates at both levels 2 and 6, and then a pair of Intertwined Fates at level 8. Lumenspar are offered in groups of 8, so you’ll need a total of 48 Lumenspar to get all the Fates here. You’ll also need 1 Lumenstone Ore for each of these levels. 

Finally, Chenyu Vale’s Rainjade Oblation offers two Acquaint Fates at levels 1 and 5, and an Intertwined Fate at level 7. Spirit Carp are offered to the Rainjade Oblation in groups of 5, making for a total of 35 to access all the Fate rewards. To learn more about Spirit Carp, the Rainjade Oblation and how to access them, check out our Guide to Chenyu Vale. 

Paimon’s Bargains

Paimon's Bargains

At the start of each month, Paimon’s shop resets, allowing players to buy a great variety of really useful resources with Masterless Starglitter and Masterless Stardust. This not only includes Character and Weapon enhancement materials, but also Intertwined and Acquaint Fates. These two ‘Masterless’ currencies are obtained from Wishing, making them pretty valuable, so spend them wisely! 

For 75 Masterless Stardust each, players can purchase Intertwined and Acquaint Fates, up to 5 of each per month. However, this monthly limit does not apply to Masterless Stardust, the currency rewarded for obtaining 4- and 5-star weapons and duplicate characters. For 5 Masterless Stardust, you can purchase an Intertwined or Acquaint Fate. 

We highly recommend making use of this system to grab some extra Wishes every month, especially Intertwined Fates. However, sometimes it may be more efficient to save up your Masterless Starglitter to spend on buying characters individually in the shop instead - 4-star characters that were included in the base game can be bought for 34 Starglitter, with 2 rotating into the shop each month. 

Battle Pass

Earn Interwined Fates with Battle Pass

While accessing Intertwined Fates on the Battle Pass is technically not ‘free’ content (the Battle Pass requires an extra fee to upgrade), you can still earn Acquaint Fates for free at levels 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50. However, with the Battle Pass upgraded, you’ll earn an Intertwined Fate at each of these levels too. 


Genshin Impact Events

While most of Genshin Impact’s events give Primogems as rewards instead of Intertwined Fates, some of the game’s more prestigious holidays will give them out as a gift. The most notable of these are the annual Lantern Rite event for Lunar New Year, and Genshin Impact’s anniversary event every late September. These are usually in the form of log-in events, sometimes found within the event menu or sometimes the player’s mailbox. Sometimes, real-life events of note will give out Intertwined Fates too, such as the game winning an award or a notable player count milestone. 

These are some of the easiest ways to get Intertwined Fates in Genshin Impact - if you know any other ways you think are helpful, let us know in the Paidia Community Genshin Forum.

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