How to Earn Free Coins and Other Currencies in Overwatch 2

How to Earn Free Coins and Other Currencies in Overwatch 2

 Confused by the many, many currencies in Overwatch 2, or just want to know how to earn them? Here’s a guide to all of the above.

Currency Guide

Overwatch 2 has quite a few different currencies - Coins, Credits, Competitive Points, Legacy Competitive Points, Overwatch League Tokens and recently added in Season 10 are Mythic Prisms. In this article, we’ll be focusing on how to obtain them, but here’s a short guide to all of Overwatch 2’s currencies and what they do. 

Overwatch Coins

This is the ‘premium’ currency for Overwatch 2 and is the main currency you can buy with real money. You can use Overwatch Coins in the in-game shop and Hero Gallery to purchase character skins, weapon skins and all other types of cosmetics available in the game. Overwatch Coins can be used to purchase every type of item in the game (except those exclusive to specific events, as well as Mythic Skins), however we recommend checking if something is available to purchase with Credits first instead, as they are a far less valuable currency. Overwatch Coins are also used to purchase the Premium Battle Pass, which costs 1000 Coins. 


Credits are Overwatch’s legacy currency, and the main currency used in the first Overwatch game. In Overwatch 2, you can only use them to buy cosmetics (including character skins) in the Hero Gallery. Most cosmetics purchasable with Credits are from the original Overwatch game. 

Competitive Points

Competitive Points, as the name suggests, are a currency obtained from playing the Competitive mode. They can currently only be used to purchase Jade Weapons. Legacy Competitive Points from previous years can only be used to purchase Golden Weapons. 

Overwatch League Tokens

Although the Overwatch League closed its doors in 2023, players can still purchase Overwatch League tokens in the shop with real money. These can be used to purchase exclusive Overwatch League skins, including themed skins for each team and also unique Legendary skins released to commemorate special events within the league. 

Mythic Prisms

Mythic Prisms are a new currency arriving in Season 10 - you’ll be able to earn them through the Battle Pass, and can use them to purchase Mythic skins in the Mythic shop. The base Mythic skin costs 50 Mythic Prisms, and each upgrade level costs another 10, for a total of 80 to fully unlock a skin. 

Now you know what each currency does, here’s how to earn them! 

Battle Pass & Challenges

Earning free coins in Battle Pass

As of Season 10, most of Overwatch’s free currencies are found within the Battle Pass. Players can earn 1500 Credits and 600 Coins for free every season, in increments of 250 and 200 respectively. These can be obtained through normal play, without purchasing the Premium Battle Pass. While not free, the Premium Battle Pass allows players to earn another 500 Credits, as well as a total of 80 Mythic Prisms. 

To level up on the Battle Pass and earn these rewards, you’ll need to earn Battle Pass XP. The easiest way to do this is to complete Challenges, which you can find in the Challenges menu on Overwatch 2’s home screen. Challenges are divided into several different categories: Daily, Weekly, Season, Lifetime and Hero. Hero challenges only provide cosmetics (Player Icons, Name Cards and Player Titles), so we won’t be discussing those here. 

Daily challenges can be completed daily (shocker!) and completing 3 daily challenges a day can net you 3000 each for 9000 total Battle Pass XP. Weekly challenges, however, provide 5000 Battle Pass XP each, as well as 25000 XP for completing 5 Weekly challenges. Notably, one Weekly challenge, Making Progress (‘Earn 8 Progression Levels’) awards 150 Credits, making this an extra source of Credits each week.

Season challenges are themed around the season (for Season 10, the themed challenges revolve around Venture) or reward playing lots of games. Themed challenges award 1000 Battle Pass XP, while the other challenges award between 2000 and 5000 Battle Pass XP. Lifetime challenges vary wildly, you can check exactly which ones you haven’t completed under your own Challenges menu. 

A majority of your Battle Pass XP (and therefore, Coins, Credits and Mythic Prisms) will come from Daily and Weekly challenges, so if you’re playing Overwatch 2 without a goal in mind, it can be good to keep an eye on the Challenges menu to see what you’re tasked with this time. 

Account Transfer

When Overwatch 2 released, all Credits from Overwatch 1 were transferred to Overwatch 2. Also, as Overwatch 2 does not feature Loot Boxes, all Loot Boxes were forcibly opened and any duplicate contents transferred into Credits. While this isn’t really relevant to most players, players who haven’t played the game since Overwatch 1 and had a lot of Loot Boxes on their account will have a wealth of Credits to spend on any Hero Gallery cosmetics of their choosing!

Playing Competitive

Although the ranked gamemode in Overwatch 2 isn’t for everyone, it’s the only way to earn Competitive Points. You’ll earn 10 Competitive Points for a win and 5 for a draw, and 100 points for every 30 games played (wins count as 3 games played). While these points rack up quite slowly, they only require playing the mode as opposed to accomplishing anything specific, meaning you’ll be earning them without thinking about it. These can be spent on Jade and Golden weapon skins, which are a great way of blinging out your favorite characters. 

Watching Streams 

While this isn’t always the case, watching certain Overwatch streams (from official channels or large content creators) can sometimes earn you drops including cosmetics, currency or Battle Pass tier skips. To check if there are any drops currently available, visit this page and look for Overwatch 2. Previous stream drops have included Shop-only skins that were previously only purchasable for 1000 Coins or more, making this often very worthwhile. You also might just find a new streamer you really enjoy! 

Additionally, exclusive cosmetics (such as Overwatch Champions Series skins) have previously been awarded for watching official esports streams. Before it shut down in 2023, watching Overwatch League streams also awarded Overwatch League Tokens - this idea may be revisited with the new esports circuit in the future. 

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