Good Game Glam: ALIEN Inspired Makeup with e.l.f. Cosmetics

Good Game Glam: ALIEN Inspired Makeup with e.l.f. Cosmetics

Originally posted on September 22, 2023

Hello Paidians, and welcome to the September recap of our Good Game Glam with e.l.f Cosmetics!

Every first Monday of each month, e.l.f. Cosmetics’ Twitch channel (elfYou) features a stream from e.l.f. Cosmetics’ Global Makeup Artist Anna Bynum and myself, Stephanie Peloza, Paidia Gaming’s Head Narrative Designer! Together, we host giveaways, spill about upcoming e.l.f. Cosmetics products and create looks inspired by gaming icons and legends.

This month, we wanted to prep for scary season with some Dead by Daylight inspired looks! To honour their latest chapter pack, we based our looks off of the newly added Xenomorph killer from the ALIEN franchise!

As always, Anna created a gorgeous, glam look and I tackled a dramatic, theatrical take! Below I'll share the steps each of us took and list all the products we used (available at so you can recreate these looks too!

Anna’s edgy Xenomorph glam:

Anna Prepping and Showing the Final Look

To prime her lid and prep it to lock in her shadows, Anna began with the Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer. Then, she used three shadows from the Perfect 10 Eyeshadow Palette in Intergalactic.

Perfect 10 Eyeshadow Palette showing the number order Anna used

  1. Using the black shadow, Anna created an elongating, smoky dimension in the front and back corners of her eyelid.
  2. Dipping into the dark brown shadow, she blended this out along and above her crease until all edges were softened.
  3. Finally, she generously applied the silver shade in the middle of her eye, blending into the black inner and outer corners for a dimensional, reflective and alien eyeshadow combo!

Next, Anna dipped into an unreleased e.l.f. Cosmetics product! Using this mirroring liquid eyeshadow product, Anna created bold silver lines in her inner corner on both her upper and lower lashlines and topped of her look with her favourite mascara: Lash’N Roll and finished the whole look with a light application of the O Face Satin Lipstick in Vocal!

Anna also hinted at some other upcoming releases coming from e.l.f. Cosmetics - make sure to tune in when Anna is live on the elfYou Twitch channel for sneak peeks in developing products or behind-the-scenes news!

My dramatic, graphic Xenomorph inspired look:

Steph's final theatrical look

For my eyes, I began with e.l.f.’s Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer to ensure my eyeshadows would be bold and long lasting! Then, like Anna, I used three shadows from the Perfect 10 Eyeshadow Palette in Intergalactic.

Eyeshadow palette showing the numbers that Steph used
  1. Using the glittering dark blue shadow, I coated the front 2/3rds of my eyelid but left the outer corner and crease empty.

  1. Then, I created a bold outer corner with the black shadow and blended that along my crease, just above the blue shadow, and along my lower lashline.

  2. Last, I dipped into the dark brown shade and blended out the edges of the
    black shadow along the outer corner, crease and lower lashline!

Then, I grabbed my H2O Proof Liquid Eyeliner Pen - this is where the bulk of the look happens! After lining my upper lashline and creating a wing in my outer corner, I began creating designs on my temples, cheekbones and just above the back of my brow inspired by the Xenomorph’s scorpion-like tail. The pen shape of this eyeliner makes it really easy to draw more intricate, graphic designs like this and I’d highly recommend it!

As an extra touch, I used the BIG MOOD Mascara for my lashes, but I also dragged the brush along the graphic designs I drew, creating a shaded, edgy, roughed up look to the art! I also tapped some Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow in Disco Queen along my cheekbones as a highlighter!

To finish off the look, O Face Satin Lipstick in Vocal for a neutral, nude lip.

I hope you enjoyed our xenomorph Dead by Daylight inspired looks! You can rewatch the VOD here where we do the looks in real time and get the daylight scared out of us in-game!

Share your own Dead by Daylight inspired look and tag @PaidiaGaming & @elfcosmetics on social media. We’d love to see what you create!

And don’t forget to join us on October 2nd, 2023 at for our next stream - what do you think our look will be based on next time? Tune in to find out and enter our e.l.f. Cosmetics and Paidia Gaming giveaways!

See you there! <3

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Stef Sanjati

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