Gaming and cosmetics are merging & this is just the beginning

Gaming and cosmetics are merging & this is just the beginning

Originally posted on September 2, 2022

Gaming, like fashion, is a growing and competitive industry. Each of the industries constantly look for ways to evolve, and they are both creative in their consumer strategies. And now, the two separate industries are merging and one of the common factors between them is makeup. While it may sound like an unlikely match, it really is far from it.

The value of the video game market globally has increased immensely, with its growth forecasted to be worth nearly $269 billion by 2025. Meanwhile, the Statista Consumer Market Outlook estimates that by 2026, makeup revenue will be up around $131 billion. Combined, these two are a force, it’s no wonder cosmetic companies are now producing makeup lines specifically for gamers. Over the last few years, more and more companies have begun partnering with the gaming community, through limited edition collections or esports partnerships.

e.l.f. Game Up Gameboy

Gamers identifying as women continue to grow

According to Statista, in 2021, it was said that there were over 3.2 billion gamers in the world. In the US, 45% of gamers identified as women, which is up from 41% in 2020. One of the make-up brands teaming up with the gaming industry is e.l.f, which started its journey on its own Twitch: e.l.f YOU. According to e.l.f. Global Makeup Artist, Anna Bynum, “we wanted to showcase what we stand for – e.l.f. is for every eye, lip, and face. Gaming is a male-dominated industry and we wanted to support and uplift women and the under-represented on the platform.” The company named its line “Game Up”, a play on gaming meets makeup.

Image of Ana

Makeup and Twitch are used to empower the community

“Our Game Up collection was a way for us to merge gaming and makeup,” said the MUA. “There are avid makeup and gaming lovers out there and we are using our platform to uplift and empower individuals in the space.” On its end, e.l.f. said it used its Product Development + Marketing team to bring this collection to life, along with their “Game Up” winners who helped guide them on language, ideas, and colours. “We incorporated fun, bright colours along with face gems, nail polish and tools to foster creativity amongst all users. Twitch streamers can have fun with makeup and gaming at the same time – we created this collection for all gamers alike – retro and modern.”

e.l.f. Game Up Collection

The collections are accessible & affordable

As mentioned earlier, there are several partnerships and makeup lines developed for the gaming community. Some, like the line with e.l.f. Cosmetics come at an affordable price, and are quite accessible. It’s 100% vegan, and the limited edition 8-piece ranges from $6 to $15. And with some of the line selling out (such as the Ready to Play Eyeshadow Palette), there is clearly demand for the product.

Image of two women with gaming looks

This is just the beginning of a long-term relationship between gaming and makeup

Like the seasonal change of clothing on mannequins outside a department store, Twitch as a platform is always changing and evolving. “It used to be a space for mainly the gaming community, but now includes channels for a variety of interests. There are others in this space who have done and continue to do makeup and gaming,” said e.l.f’s Global MUA, adding that e.l.f. YOU is “always looking to innovate and will continue to support and uplift individuals in the gaming community.” 

While Game Up is a limited-edition collection, the company - like many other cosmetic brands - is looking for new ideas to continue to empower and uplift those in the gaming community. Vibrant and colourful? Grayscale and silver? Makeup that matches headphones for streaming? You never know what that next idea will look like.

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Written By

Yasmin Aboelsaud

Writer for Paidia Gaming