Try Excedrin’s 6-Step Gamer Routine to improve focus and optimize performance

Try Excedrin’s 6-Step Gamer Routine to improve focus and optimize performance

Originally posted on September 29, 2023

Excedrin is on a mission to keep gamers focused, headache-free, and performing at their best.  From spacing out to ambient tunes, prioritizing in-game positivity, as well as doodling and deep breathing between matches, Excedrin has identified 6 mindful steps that any gamer can easily mix into their routine.

Step 1 Level Up Your Motivation

Be it toxic chat rooms, glitches, or sudden game enders, we know that keeping your cool mid-game is easier said than done. But research suggests that negative emotions can lead to exhaustion and lower levels of energy, decreased motivation, and even delayed reaction time. 

So for the sake of your winning percentage, we recommend prioritizing positivity and adopting these mechanisms to help you keep your cool when things get sour.

Paidia Talent share tips on keeping cool when the chatroom gets toxic

Step 2: Clear Eyes, Max HP, Can't Lose

As gamers, we love screens. But sadly, prolonged time spent with our big, beautiful display devices can lead to eyestrain, dry eye, and even screen headaches.

To foster a healthier relationship with your screen—without giving it up for good—we suggest using Excedrin’s proven 20/20/20 rule. Every 20 minutes or so, look into the distance (roughly 20 feet) for 20 seconds. This preventative measure will allow you to return to your beloved screen feeling refreshed, revived, and ready to deliver max HP. 

Step 3: Space Out to Music

Video game audio is designed to elevate a gamer’s experience and make it as exciting as possible, in the same way that ambient music is designed to help gamer’s reach a state of chill and reset before their next match-up.

Ambient music blends instrumental sounds to enhance an atmosphere, mood, or tone. Though hard to define, this experimental genre is best-known for encouraging a sense of calm, and being easy to listen to.

Unplug, chill out, and reset with these three playlists catered for gamers who just need some time out. 

Three playlists for gamers who just need to chill


Step 4: Get Sketchy
Similar to ambient music, setting aside some time between games to sketch or doodle can work wonders on your mind. Not only can it strengthen fine motor and problem solving skills—two gaming must-haves—but it also helps you rest and relax. 

Sketching has no rules, timelines, or confines. Just sit back, relax, and sketch whatever you want, at your own pace. Here’s some inspiration to get you started. 

Three ways sketching and doodling can make you a better gamer

Step 5: Controller Hand Massage Action

You have pay to play, and gaming shows no exceptions.

Video game injury is caused by the repetitive motion involved with console or keyboard play, which can seriously affect the tendons that control your joysticks. For this reason, it’s best to take preventative measures to keep you gaming longer.

Treat your “money-makers” by integrating this simple hand massage technique into your gaming routine. 

This DIY hand massage can help eliminate gamer's thumb for good

Step 6: Pause For Deep Breathing

While this final step may sound cliché… Trust us, it works, and there’s a wealth of research to prove it.

Deep breathing techniques are designed to help you feel more relaxed and present through the act of breathing more efficiently—or, in a way that increases your oxygen availability. When practiced frequently, a gamer who taps into their breathing can expect heightened focus, alertness, and responsiveness, as well as less stress and headache.

Let’s do a quick practice…

Close your eyes, breathe deep through your nose, and exhale through your mouth. 

Repeat this 7 to 10 times. 

Every gamer should try these breathing techniques before entering a lobby

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