e.l.f. Game Up IRL Event: Back to the Future of Makeup & Gaming

e.l.f. Game Up IRL Event: Back to the Future of Makeup & Gaming

Originally posted August 30, 2022

It’s not every day that a cosmetics brand creates a makeup line catered to gamers, so when it happens it’s definitely something to celebrate and that’s exactly what e.l.f. Cosmetics did! e.l.f. celebrated their Game Up collection with an IRL event that tugged on our nostalgia heartstrings, and I had the pleasure of hosting alongside Anna Bynum, the Global Makeup Artist for the brand. With a full access pass to the event, I’ll take you through how this event was a throwback to the future of makeup and gaming!

What is the e.l.f. Game Up Collection?

e.l.f. Game Up Collection

The star of the night, was e.l.f.’s Game Up collection, which is a new limited edition 8-piece collection where makeup, gaming and skincare collide for products that gamers will want to play with. The collection ranges from eyeliner to eye cream to nail polish. A variety of products have vibrant high pigmented colours and high energy scents for every aspect of your look. Personally, a stand out of the collection is the thoughtfulness behind it. From using gaming terms, like Game Up Rez-Me Awakening Face Mask, and video game references, like Game Up Gotta Nail Them All Kit (a nod to Pokémon), to inspire product names. To the gamification of the collection, e.l.f. Beauty Squad members can play along with e.l.f. by collecting the entire collection and using the secret codes behind each product on e.l.f.’s website to win a surprise product reward. Even the packaging throws it back to the early days of gaming!

Camille and Ana at the arcade with Pikachu plushies

Throwback to Retro Gaming

It’s fair to say that Game Up event took notes from the collection and brought the feeling of retro gaming to all that attending. The event took place at a Los Angeles-based arcade bar and the venue brought the packaging of the collection to life. The packaging features 8-bit art, like hearts and Pac-Man-inspired dots, similar to games of the 80s and early 90s. While the arcade bar featured Pac-Man wall decals, artwork from popular retro games (like Space Invaders) and a bar that recreates levels from classic Donkey Kong. The venue was fully equipped with modernized arcade cabinets that house over 800 retro games in a single machine, which luckily did away with having to gather around small CRT TVs. 

OG Street Fighter was my go-to choice, it had me feeling like I was a kid at an arcade again but this time with more experience under my belt and lighter pockets (luckily no quarters needed). I did manage to pry my hands off the cabinets to test my stuff at the claw machine filled with e.l.f. Game Up products and plushies. The thing with claw machines is, that they aren’t the easiest to manoeuvre and this one definitely put everyone to the test. But despite that, it was fun watching everyone attempt to win a “big” prize and cheer each other on while eating delicious brick-oven pizza!

Camille and Ana in a classic retro arcade with a level up look

Level Up Your Glam

Attendees were able to take a break from gaming, food and video game-themed drinks by glamming up at any of the 4 glam stations. Every station was equipped with a Makeup Artist and the full Game Up collection in their inventory. e.l.f. invited media and influencers to have Makeup Artists pamper their faces with the collection. Sometimes it can be a little intimidating to have this much glam power at your disposal but e.l.f. made it easy for the indecisive by offering three different looks that the artist could recreate. One was a natural look with face gem accents, another featured electric geometric eyeliner and a look that combined the best of both worlds. Of course, attendees could create their own glam by working with the Makeup Artists. 

As an indecisive person, I let the e.l.f. gurus guide me and I selected their third look with face gems and electric geometric eyeliner. The Makeup Artist created a two-toned look on my eyes with Game Up Eye Win Eyeliner Pots, in FTW and Lag colours, that popped under the black light of the venue. She added face gems from the Game Up Extra Life Kit to accent the inner and outer corners of my eyes. Topped it off with Game Up Bonus Points Lip Mask in Next Level and a spritz of Game Up Shield Me Setting Mist to seal the look. The transformation had me feeling like I went from Bronze to Diamond in a matter of minutes. 

xChocobars and SweetTails Squading Up

xChocoBars and SweeetTails Squad Up

The fun didn’t end at the glam stations as e.l.f. announced and inducted two members into their Squad, a group of streamers and gaming personalities that look to champion underrepresented gamers in the space. 

SweeetTails was the first to be announced and joined the event virtually. SweeetTails is a high-energy variety streamer that is mostly known for the spontaneity that happens on her stream. SweeetTails spoke about her experience with makeup in her career, “I always loved makeup, and I said this before, makeup gave me confidence when I first started streaming it really help me feel comfortable in front of people”. Confidently showing her dance moves, SweeetTails showed her excitement to be a part of the partnership.

The second inductee of e.l.f.’s Squad joined the celebrations in person, xChocoBars was revealed to join SweeetTails. xChocoBars kicked off her career streaming League of Legends and now streams a variety of games for her Potato Army and as a part of Offline TV and Friends. During the event, xChocoBars spoke about what it meant to join the e.l.f. community,

“ …As a woman who grew up watching beauty gurus on YouTube, I would have never guessed that my future self would be here working with e.l.f. and being a part of their community and Squad…it’s a dream come true, truly”. 

Both SweeetTails and xChocoBars were given specially made e.l.f. jacket to commemorate the evening and it was even teased that another gaming personality will join the Squad soon. 

The retro gaming vibe combined with the experiences that gamers of today want, ways to showcase their personalities while they game, and feeling empowered to do so is just touching the surface of what makeup and gaming collaborations like this can do for the community.

You can experience e.l.f. Game Up IRL event on e.l.f.'s Twitch, elfYou!
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Written By

Camille Salazar-Hadaway

Writer at Paidia Gaming