A Look at the Women in the Fighting Game Community

A Look at the Women in the Fighting Game Community

Originally posted May 31, 2022

Looking to follow more from the Fighting Game Community? Here is a list of women to follow.


Cuddle Core is a professional Tekken player for EQNX Gaming, a Red Bull athlete, and a Paidia Guide! She is a very accomplished player with many impressive results. An Alicia main, she has boasted many top 8s at majors including prestigious events such as Combo Breaker and The Tekken World Finals. Recently she was an Evo online finalist and won the ICFC season 2 and season 3 finals. Additionally  Cuddle_Core was named in Forbes 30 under 30. She is not just a competitor, she also works as a coach and is a partner on Twitch. 

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Twitter profile of Misokrattz

Misokrattz is an artist, streamer and Street Fighter V player. She has a very strong Zeku recently making 17th at Capcom Pro Tour NA Midwest 1. Misokrattz has also been known to branch out into commentary roles occasiounally. Recently she paired up with UYU Marine to cast a SFV event for The Online Local. She has a really entertaining stream, where she streams not only SFV but other fighting games and her art. She's a very talented artist, with many of her drawings including Zeku. You can commission her at misokrattz@gmail.com.

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Cujo Kate

Cujo Kate Twitter Profile

Cujo Kate is a very talented caster in the FGC. She is also a competitor, cosplayer, podcaster and streamer. She mainly competes as a Vega (Claw) main and commentates Street Fighter V. She recently finished commentating at NEC2021  for SFV. While commentating you can usually catch her cosplaying during the event. She recently had a wonderful Morrigan cosplay at NEC. Kate also is a diligent streamer that not only streams fighting games. She also has an interest in the horror genre such as Dead By Daylight.

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Queen Arrow

Picture of Queen Arrow

Photo Courtesy: Dan Kiptoo / Red Bull Content Pool

Queen Arrow is a Tekken competitor and content creator for Team UYU. Queen Arrow has emerged as a very strong Xiaoyu player from Kenya. She makes content on Twitch as well as Youtube. She also has split her time as a competitor by studying as a law student as well which is a huge achievement. She has competed all over the world, recently being invited to France to compete against the French legend Kayane.

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Romolla is a powerhouse among the Guilty Gear scene. She has competed in numerous Guilty Gear titles, including being the 2019 Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 Evo champion. She is an avid streamer and Vtuber known as Romolla. She mainly streams Guilty Gear Strive but will stream a variety of games as well. She is the most prominent Sol player in North America at the moment placing in top 8 of nearly every event she has entered. She is a very positive figure in the community always stressing growth and positivity.

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Vicki Viper

Play All Gaming's Vicki Viper is a very strong competitor in many different fighting games. She competes in so many you could not define her by a single game. A few of the games that she competes in includes, Guilty Gear Strive, Vampire Savior, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Melty Blood and much more. It is very hard to compete in just two different games yet Vicki boasts many tournament victories in multiple games. You can find her practicing one of these many games on Twitch.

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Yukiinari is a player and content creator for Crescent Esports. She primarily plays Street Fighter V as a Menat/Seth main but also plays May in Guilty Gear Strive. Yuki is a co-founder of the Royal Rivals tournament series. Royal Rivals is a woman and non-binary inclusive fighting game tournament series. So far they have ran Street Fighter, Guilty Gear and Melty Blood events. They are recently starting a Strive Team Tournament series that has yet to begin. Yuki also makes a variety of cooking content in addition to her fighting game content.

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Fleiss is a content creator and commentator with EQNX Gaming. In addition to Yuki, Fleixiss is also a co-founder of Royal Rivals. She is a frequent commentator at WNF online series. She also is a regular in the Incendium events as well as many online weeklys. She has also previously competed in Street Fighter V as a Chun Li main. Flexiss is a brilliant content creator with very entertaining streams that have a very welcoming atmosphere.

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Professor High Kick

Professor High Kick Profile Header

Professor High Kick is a Tekken Player as well as the founder of Ladies Night. Ladies Night is a tournament series serving as a safe space for women of the FGC. It is also a community cultivated for all skill to level up and play their respective games. Ladies Night has had news letters showcasing the woman in the fighting game scene and really put them in a positive light. They have also held frequent SFV and Tekken sessions to grow the respective scenes. Professor High Kick is also a very talented artist, creating many incredible 3D renders.

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Infinitii is a competitor in various NetherRealm Studios titles, (most recently Mortal Kombat 1) for Kunoichi. She has played a variety of characters such as Sonya, Jade and Mileena at a high level. In early 2021 she had the opportunity to be invited to play Mortal Kombat 11 with the popular artist Megan Thee Stallion by NetherRealm Studios. Infinitii also streams her training and other games on Twitch.

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Picture of StacyFTW

StacyFTW is a FGC content creator and tournament organizer. Stacy is currently partnered with Rectify Esports, Paidia Gaming and AVerMedia. She has run many successful events for fighting games such as Mortal Kombat 11, Guilty Gear Strive and King of Fighters XV. In addition to her fighting game content, Stacy also streams numerous horror titles on her Twitch page. Please check out her tournaments if you're interested in an event to have fun or level up.

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Saki Sakura

Saki Sakura Twitter Header

Saki Sakura is a streamer, competitor, and caster for Dynamik Focus. She also works closely with Junk Food Arcades and Paidia Gaming. The fighting games she competes in are NRS titles, Guilty Gear Strive and Melty Blood Type Lumina. Saki is a co-founder of The Queen Of The Hill Series, an event run for woman, non-binary and femme identifying people. The event has offered a safe space to play fighting games and interact without any of the stress that can come with open events. You can also catch her streaming non-fighting games on her Twitch.

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Emmy BB

Emmybb Twitter Profile

Emmy BB is the team manager for CGL Kunoichi. Kunoichi is a team partnered with Console Gaming League to highlight and promote women content creators and competitors. She has also been involved as a competitor in NRS titles and Guilty Gear Strive as a Sheeva and Potemkin main respectively. Emmy also works closely with Paidia Gaming organizing fighting game events with them. Be on the lookout for more FGC events that Emmy is working on.

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This is just a fraction of the talented women out there that make up the FGC. The Fighting Game Community is a very diverse and rich group and it is a privilege to highlight the gifted and passionate woman behind much of it. The FGC is a very special place to many, and it is imperative to embrace other’s success to continue the growth of the scene. These women are extremely talented not only in regard to fighting games, but also in their respective fields. Be sure to keep a look out at their upcoming events and endeavors. 

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