FAQ - Tournaments & Community

Why did Paidia get a new site?

It isn’t a new site, we are just under construction, focusing 100% of our efforts on developing a tournament product what matters the most to our community. Over the last 2 years we have collected valuable feedback from our users and have spent the last year mapping out a product that is going to level up our tournament platform.

When will we be able to host tournaments on Paidia?

We don’t want you waiting too long. Our team is working quickly to get our new product in beta by April 2024. We are working as quick as we can, but we strongly believe giving us this pause allows us to focus all our efforts on building a tournament platform by tournament organizers for tournament organizers, who are deeply passionate about creating something that will enhance and improve how gaming communities run and manage tournaments.

What will be different about the tournament platform?

We are building something completely new, the focus of our new tournament platform is to offer more support to the organizer and players by allowing more changes to tournaments, customization, third-party integrations👾 and real-time support 🤖.

We can’t give everything away just yet! But we promise to make an announcement soon!

What is Paidia Community?

Paidia Communityis our new hub for connecting our community. In the past we haven’t had a centralized space for our community and this space is aimed towards giving access to everyone to connect with like-minded gamers, learn from the community and our courses and to host events. Anyone can join as long as they accept our pledge!

What happened to my Solar Crystals

If you had Solar Crystals in your Paidia wallet you should have received multiple emails from us to notify you. All Solar Crystals were deposited into the associated PayPal account. If you have any questions or want to confirm the deposit you can emailsupport@paidiagaming.comand make the subject line “Solar Crystal Deposit Inquiry”


  • Enhanced control over bracket and match formats
  • Streamlined registration
  • Better integration with community channels 👾
  • 24/7 TO and player support

more details to come

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