Weekly Genshin Impact News: February 12 2024

Weekly Genshin Impact News: February 12 2024

Hi, Travelers! Here’s your update on all things Genshin Impact for the third week of February. 

What’s New

Version 4.4 dropped at the very end of January, bringing us a ton of new characters and content! Here’s our rundown of all the great new additions.

Chenyu Vale

A huge new area bridging the gap between Liyue and Fontaine! Make sure to complete the ‘Chenyu’s Blessings of Sunken Jade’ World Quest in order to access everything the area has to offer. You’ll be able to collect Spirit Carp, a new collectible found only in Chenyu Vale, to gift to the Rainjade Oblation in exchange for rewards such as Fates and other useful materials. We’ll be posting a full guide to Chenyu Vale sometime soon, so keep an eye out if you want to know more about this awesome new area!

Screen Capture of Lithic Oath in Chenyu Area Details: The gentle breezes carry the fragrance of tea all across the moutains of Liyue, filling the air with the savory scent once more. "Tea grows upon the rocks, where jade springs endlessly flow." The faint perfume and ancient song of jade drift together along the rivers past Qiaoying Village to the bustling port of Yilong Wharf. Just what adventures and fortune await, concealed among the fog-robed peaks of the south...?

New Character Banners

The first set of character banners for 4.4 feature Xianyun, a brand new 5-star Anemo Catalyst wielder. She is joined by a re-run of Nahida on the other banner, with both banners featuring Faruzan, Noelle and brand new character Gaming as their boosted 4-stars. Gaming is a Pyro Claymore wielder with a super cool design inspired by the dragon and lion dances from Chinese culture. We really love both of these new characters and have been pulling for them - did you get them yet?  

Genius Invokation TCG

This patch adds 4 new Character cards to the TCG - Sayu, Thoma, Cryo Hypostasis and Millennial Pearl Seahorse. We can’t wait to check them out and build some awesome decks around them!

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Character Skins

In connection to the Lantern Rite event, 3 new skins have been added to the game. Frostflower Dew Shenhe, Twilight Blossom Ganyu, and Bamboo Rain Xingqiu. The Xingqiu skin is available for free as part of the Lantern Rite event, while the other two can be purchased with Genesis Crystals. 

3 new skins in Genshin Impact


May Fortune Find You (Login Event) 

Log in every day to claim Intertwined Fates, Hero’s Wits, Mora or Weapon Enhancement Materials! You can earn a total of 10 Intertwined Fates across 7 days, making this absolutely worth logging in for. This event ends on February 18th. 

Vibrant Harriers Aloft in Spring Breeze (Lantern Rite)

The annual Lantern Rite event is always one of the mostly highly anticipated events of the year, and this is no exception! This event features lots of different minigame events and a story section, accompanied by some great rewards.You’ll be able to earn Xingqiu’s new skin ‘Bamboo Rain’ for free during the event, as well as receiving a free 4-star character from Liyue. 

The event has three sub-events, the first being Paper Shadows A-Foraging, a puzzle game with a maze theme. It takes some inspiration from indie hit Baba Is You, and is a ton of fun. Second is Joyful Beasts and Their Auspices, a point-collecting PvP gamemode where you can enter ‘Bumper Wushou’ mode to knock back opponents and collect more points. Finally is Iridescent Cloud-Striding, a time trial-style event where you have to collect as many Jade Lotus Lanterns as you can in the allotted time, avoiding Ominous Lanterns in the meantime. 

Vibrant Harriers Aloft in Spring Breeze. Take part to obtain Xingqiu's outfit and a 4-star character from Liyue of your choice

That concludes our weekly rundown for Genshin Impact! Will you be pulling for Xianyun, Nahida or Gaming? Who will you be choosing as your free Liyue 4-star in the Lantern Rite event? 

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