Ultimate Valorant Casting Guide: Terminology, Pro Tips + More!

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Posted on 21 July
Our casters-in-training are about to graduate and we’ve saved the best course for last, Valorant Casting 101. Who better to teach the course then Valorant Champions Tour casters Vansilli and Riv! Join MsAshRocks and Camilla Panda as they get quizzed by Riv, gather pro tips and learn the flow of a Valorant round. Stay till the end where we see our two aspiring casters officially turn into professionals as they take the stage at EsportsU’s Collegiate Esports Commisioners Cup Lesson: How to effectively cast a game of Valorant Agenda: ❗️ Valorant Pop Quiz with Riv ✏️ Prepping for Valorant 📇 Using Names 📈 Flow of a Round 🏆 MsAshCasts and Camilla Panda at CECC Texas