Casting Under Pressure With a Producer In Your Ear: Expect the Unexpected at Big Esports Events!

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Posted on 21 July
When you got a producer in your ear, your duo announcing beside you and thousands of viewers with eyes on you, how do you stay focused? Join MsAshRocks and Camilla Panda as our industry experts share tricks of the trade on how to prepare for big events. Make sure to stay to the end! Our aspiring casters put their practice into play during EsportsU’s CECC Texas! Lesson 3: How to prepare for big esports events Agenda: 📚 Research 💄 Being Camera Ready with e.l.f. Cosmetics 🎧 Comms 🎭 Improv Casting 🎥 Watch the 2 casters put their practice into play at CECC Texas!