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Welcome to  Paidia Cup Valorant Matchmaking Season sponsored by Xbox, a  9-week long season hosted by EsportsU that allows women Valorant teams to compete with other teams who are online and ready to play.  All teams who play in 5 or more matches at the end of the season will compete in a Double Elimination Final for their shot at securing a spot in a showmatch during the CECC Finals weekend from May 5-7

How it works:

From February 14th to April 11th compete against other teams in the matchmaking season.

Every time your team captain clicks 'Play Match’ you will be put into a queue until you are matched with another registered team in a Paidia lobby room.

From there exchange a lobby ID, play the match and then come back to Paidia to report your score!

Matches can be played anytime throughout the season but we are encouraging teams to be online every Tuesday from 6PM - 9PM EST to guarantee matches and to be apart of our weekly broadcast

The Format:



Player Checklist:
Create a Paidia Gaming Account

Team Captain to create a team page on Paidia (instructions below)

Pre-register by clicking "play match" , select your team, confirm, exit the queue

Join EsportsU Discord and get the Paidia Matchmaking Role

All teams who play in more than 5 matches will qualify for the season finals on April 11th. Your matchmaking season score will support your seeding in the double elimination bracket.

Reporting Score:

At the end of the BO3 format the team captains return to the Paidia Gaming lobby and click “report score” and enter either a Win or Lose result. 

  • In the Discord under #report-score

Both team captains must report the score before entering a new matchmaking lobby. If only one team reports the score there will be a delay of up to 15 minutes until you can proceed into a new match.

Finding a match

To schedule matches or notify teams of availability outside of the scrim night time, use the Discord to plan times to hop into the matchmaking season page to play!

ALL TEAMS must join the EsportsU discord and use the #Get-A-Match channel

How to register

 For this active season it is team based matchmaking which means you must register your team to be matched up against other teams. 

To create a team on Paidia:

-go to your account located in the top right corner of your screen and click my teams
-Click create a team
-Fill out your team details and invite your teammates
-Once your teammates have accepted the request return to this page and click play a match.
-Your team is now registered

Watch this video for a full overview


If you are competing in the matchmaking season you can get a full overview of the rules on the Discord page

All players must be in the Discord

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End DateMay 1, 2023
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