Welcome to Paidia! We are glad you have joined us on our mission to create an inclusive community that empowers gamers to safely CONNECT,LEARN AND PLAY

Our team is led by a diverse group of women who are next-level thinkers in the space of innovation, technology, gaming and media… but we know we can’t create something truly incredible on our own. We need help from our members too.

By creating an account on paidiagaming.com, our members commit to uphold the values of Paidia for a brighter future in gaming: inclusion, integration, diversity, and kindness. They also acknowledge Paidia is a site that prioritizes the safety and respect of its members, and any form of racism, sexism, queerphobia, ableism, or other prejudices will not be tolerated.

Through our portal, you can join a community of like-minded gamers enjoying and sharing content, creating and participating in tournaments, chatting, gaming together, and earning rewards. We are also creating our own written, audio and video media experiences, where you can learn about different games, niche gaming circles, techniques, tips and tricks, industry news and gamers who are making moves in the space.

We are excited to build Paidia Collectively committing to being supportive, inclusive and kind - together we can all enjoy the whole wonderful world of gaming as it meant to be. We are excited to build Paidia with you, where you can play as you are.

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Paidia Talent is a mission-forward management company empowering some of the most creative and innovative content creators in the digital universe.
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Our Paidia Guides are our ambassadors that will help us lead the way on our mission of creating an inclusive gaming community.

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